1. Kaleb Valentine says

    Pumpernickel has on of the best beats

  2. The galaxy lion gamer says

    Me knowing that last forever is in this video

  3. Leyla Kochkarova says

    fortnite new dance last forever

  4. james morrow says

    Why haven't you posted a video in a long time

  5. Leilanie Garcia says


  6. ikonik says


  7. Noah Lavandeira says

    lol would kill to have billy bounce emote but i never seem to have vbucks at the right time

  8. Krishna Vangipuram says

    Noice man

  9. Nima Tukhi says

    Wher was the Last Forever Emote???

  10. DaCringeyBoi Channel says

    Springy looks good with omen and the other male version but it looks 👌 with Midas

  11. RTF Zein says

    Me here knowing that Billy bounce and electro swing are gonna be in there

  12. soso !! says

    This is so nice!

  13. Harbinder Singh says

    Roll polly

  14. soso !! says


  15. funny editz says

    There derby skin right

  16. Matthewgames 28 says

    4:46 seeker iris ikonik splaterrella

  17. Statz Kqxzi says


  18. JALEN DENZIN says


  19. Noe Ortega says

    Can I add you my fornite name is Dominguez1979

  20. Cool stuff roblox Minecraft and more says

    Chris fn is annoying me

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