1. Momo Studios says

    My socials 🙂
    Twitter: MomoStudiosYT
    Instagram: MomoStudiosYT

  2. Oppressor says

    imagine they bring out the emote in the weekend/ saturday or sunday

  3. Travis Barrow says


  4. Olivia Taylor says

    ‘Drowning in the Nile’ 😂

  5. Hamdan FN says

    Wow you are underrated!

  6. Asmaa Zinah says

    he Deha Zeyd hier


    im inpreesed


    nice video

  9. p.j. Wheel8 says


  10. Epic Gamer says
  11. Luca Hildesheim says

    Mach weiter so cooles vedo

  12. iiOPG_HWD2 says

    I love you legend 💖

  13. PH Kevin says

    soooooooooooooo coooooooooooool

  14. William Mercer says

    Chris Brown – Tempo? (Video Idea)

  15. 123 Melonizockt GTA says


  16. RIVASCIN says

    Nice montage

  17. Brian Parra galeana says

    clean edits bro

  18. Федор Счетчиков says

    Momo Studios надеюсь вы знаете русский если нет то в моём комменте нет смысла но хочу сказать что мне очень нравятся то что вы делаете продолжайте снимать годные видео с музыкой и ещё попробуете снять видео с такой музекой Leon lohmann trap remix

  19. Lavaswag Yt says

    Did the emote got released yet?

  20. Efor YT says

    Fortnite Haters Be Like: OmG fOrTnItE kIdS rUiN tHiS sOnG

  21. Siri Playz says

    when you want to make a vid with the emote but it's not out yet

  22. شيخ توم الذي تلقاه في كل كون says

    يا كفار اتقو الله

  23. شيخ توم الذي تلقاه في كل كون says

    اتقو الله

  24. Im here ' says


  25. Leo David Chavez says

    This is my favorite game and my favorite song but sadly my parents dont let me play fortnite beacuse they it has a lot violence

  26. Marcus King Tabbu says

    This music vid is good! Do a colab with placid.

  27. Tomas Venegas says

    When Will come out?

  28. Nette' Wright says

    its good ngl but! look printed!! ngl

  29. Falcon5706 says

    Dude I don’t even like Tik Tok but I’m buying this emote for the song and for the song only

  30. Thetrue_Skye gamer says

    Best song of 2020

  31. Elias Abetya says

    Who else comes here to see the comments


    I’m hyped for the emote too come out aren’t you?

  33. Theo Phiri says

    The dislikes were the people who were blinded by the light

  34. Dark Horse says

    Pls do time by nf

  35. Alexander Furu says

    How can you edit so good wow

  36. Destroyer Games says

    Hi meer

  37. Destroyer Games says

    Hi meera add me

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