The Tour you don’t see: Haircuts and hard racing in week 2 of the Tour de France


Since we last checked in on the peloton, the Tour de France has tackled the Pyrenees, crosswinds, relegations, a slew of difficult breakaway stages, and of course the first rest day.
In this second installment of The Tour You Don’t See, we head behind the scenes as Tadej Pogacar wins a head-shaving bet with his soigneur, Toms Skujins discusses breakaway tactics, Sam Bennett and Marc Hirschi take their first Tour de France stage wins, and Egan Bernal tries his legs in surprising places.


  1. themrtimmyboy says

    Good job! Love your narration Abby.

  2. Emme Flores says

    11:52 <3

  3. Moiner5000 says

    Is it possible to get these magificent photos in full quality?

  4. Codefoto says

    Yet again: great video content mixed with yet again really excellent stills !

  5. tommek1979 says

    Great content and interesting insides within the teams 👍

  6. Mark McInnes says

    Some of those still shots are beautiful! Is there a place to buy prints?

  7. parth mache says

    Nice production

  8. Bryn Griffith says

    People look so stupid with a face nappy on.

  9. Adventure Quest (UK) says

    Without doubt the best tdf 2020 wrap up on YT

  10. Memoryhouse Productions says

    Her voice literally made me fall asleep

  11. David Bianic says

    Great alternative format, thanks guys

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    Again great vidéo! Loved it!👌🏻💪🏻🚴🏻‍♂️

  13. Peter Mark Polak says

    Super fan of CyclingTips photography 🥺 Hope to learn from you how you guys do it.

  14. Дядя Володя says

    Top quality work! Thank you. End of Week 2, the Frenchies are out, 2 Slovenians lead the GC with 4 Colombians chasing. Which country will take the Yellow Jersey back home?

  15. Sunbather says

    Such great inside videos. Really enjoying it 🙂

  16. 5am.u says

    Wow I love these! Great work

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    Abbyyyyyyyy !!!

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    Top notch content!

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    Cycling tips coverage on YouTube and podcast have been very good indeed Abby has been very entertaining as has Shoddy of course

  20. Pushkar Kulkarni says

    Top top insight into the stage. Great content !!

  21. J0ck Jac0b says

    I wonder why they were not able to interview sagan in this episode.

  22. Sandy Telfer says

    Another excellent video! You implemented my comment about the times! Yay! Keep it up!

  23. milo scoopy says

    Awesome content!

  24. allan sy says

    Content like this deserves to another week of wrap up. Way to go CT!

  25. Nico C says

    Thanks again guys. Love seeing the interviews and behind the scenes. Great work!

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    Great videos

  27. Tony Webb says

    Great summary of the tour so far.

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    An excellent wrap up of week 2! Thank you CyclingTips.

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    CyclingTips continue to provide the best content. Thanks.

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    Abby's haircuts are helmet hair proof, who new. I see a business opportunity.

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    Brilliant again CT

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