1. BarbART says

    Please write hows the situation in your country and how are you dealing with it! I would love to know!

  2. Oldsongsnew says

    I have tickets for Pearl Jam in Imola for June..postponed from July this year….I'm going if I can ,I will also visit friends in Verona…It's impossible to plan anything , anywhere ..

  3. The Rock Bronx says

    It's all a load of bollocks. Shit fear

  4. satinahall says

    I’m from the UK, England to be precise, and we are in a second wave now. Though the government tries to deny it. More people than ever are being diagnosed with the virus, but the prime minister been totally incompetent in dealing with it. The rules are confusing for most people, and this means that now a lot of people are just carrying on as normal without keeping away from each other. For example, certain areas are in ‘lockdown’ but all shops/restaurants/cafes/etc. are still open so it doesn’t really mean anything. Some pubs are closed, and those who work there have almost no protection for their wages. I suspect a full lockdown could happen again over the winter, but it would be devastating.

  5. Kelvyn Griffiths says

    Sorry to hear about your situation! Here in Wales, UK, we are entering a 17 day "firebreak" lockdown from 6pm Friday night 23rd October. All non essential businesses to close leaving only groceries and takeaways. Schools remain open for kids age 13/14 years. I don't believe the restrictions will be lifted for us after this time. Wishing you all the best and thank you for sharing.

  6. Wendy says

    New jersey. USA. Going up a bit more….have you had the virus yet?

  7. Absolute Fallout says

    Thanks for sharing Your so positive we all need that more!!!
    ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸with love 💕 from Missouri!!!!

  8. B. M. says

    Thank you for the infos, this was really helpful and calmed me down in a way. Stay safe Barbara!

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