1. AllAboutMeByMe says

    Btw just literally found this today! I love it. Can’t get enough of fm!!

  2. AllAboutMeByMe says

    Hey guys! Just started my own fm series! It does have a different twist than your generic fm series. You’ll find out when you watch 😂 Would love help on strategies, players, dislikes and likes ! Click the link below to the second video instalment in my fm series! 😝🤘🏽😝⚽️ https://youtu.be/3LN7IqSI-pg

  3. Benjamin Bairstow says

    They way manny says some of the names and I’m a Leeds fan makes me wanna die

  4. Nzo 7 says

    I swear he's just buying and loaning players just 'cause he can. STOP IT PLZZZ. Play the game properly. I know I'm late 🙁

  5. Assar Svärd says

    Manny buy Muamer Tankovic he is a good Swedish player from Hammarby, with a lot of potential, maybe also buy Kuleslevski

  6. Kev Ning says

    Also don’t enquire for players

  7. Kev Ning says

    You know you can adjust the wages And youre a stubborn manager

  8. Nick Hewitt says

    Make a playlist for else

  9. A Warwick says

    i bought chiv from lpool he's now one of my key players at leeds

  10. Phumelela lekhoathi says

    You reckless with your transfers.. Shackleton and alioski are good players

  11. Press Play, Mike! says

    1. why u dont care about training ? 2. why u dont care about individual tactics instruction3. why u dont care about specific scouting ?those three things are critical for survival in the Prem dude ..

  12. k1 2k17 says

    Im late

  13. Lars Reynaerts says

    Go and take a look at the Anderlecht squad. They have a great youth system with a lot of quality young players!

  14. ? 13UlasY says

    Buy ozan kabak from Schalke

  15. Mckenzie Coulson says

    Wish he would get James Milner back at Leeds

  16. Mckenzie Coulson says

    It’s doing my head he only looks at forwards

  17. Richard Hutinson says

    Don’t manage Leeds United because they are a scum team and racist hooligan fans.

  18. NecroMalkor says

    I haven't heard Balotelli's name in ages 😮 cant wait to see what he'll do at leeds

  19. Zak 750 says

    This series is sick

  20. Denis Pearson says

    Get angel Gomez from untd he’s a sick wonder kid

  21. Hamza LFC says

    mate you can’t do contract negotiations lmao these clauses you put for new players are abysmal, 30k appearance fee for balo lol

  22. Josh T says

    Sat here watching you play FM as I can’t afford a pc/laptop to play it on 😭😂

  23. Jared Van Eeden says

    Sign Garner and play Phillips higher up the pitch

  24. Mark Leitch says

    What logo pack does manny use?

  25. Samuel says

    The absolute glee of "Balotelli?? Should we get em? Why not?!" is what I live for

  26. S4MU3L H4TF13LD says

    Buy diatta

  27. Jack Chadwick says

    Try to sign or loan Eduardo Camavinga, 17 year old from the french league, has a great amount of potential, but could be a little too expensive for purchase.

  28. Hadstix Alawi says

    Get karramoko dembelle

  29. Football Forecast says

    Seny dieng for goalkeeper

  30. Zoran Savičić says

    U have a ton of cheap players from Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Czech

  31. Tin Dobranić says

    play on positive mentality, not attacking all the time.

  32. Xavier Mesquita says

    get Armani hes an insane young defender in 5 years will sell for like 85M

  33. Xavier Mesquita says

    Get sandro tonali he ahs worked wonders for me and aston villa and is teh reason why we finished 6th in the prem in 2020-2021 hes insane manny get him and hes like 19M

  34. Αγγελος Βιταλης says

    How did you get the official badges?

  35. P M says

    Get Eric Lichaj in fullback

  36. George Head says

    Thiago Almada

  37. George Head says

    daniel maldini

  38. Paul Holban says

    Who is the captain

  39. Kohwode Ariemugbovbe says

    Get Rodrigo verrismo galvan great Brazilian player 18 years old

  40. Kohwode Ariemugbovbe says

    Great midfield players who can play cb or fb

  41. Kohwode Ariemugbovbe says

    Get Gideon Jung Or jean phillipe gbamin

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