The reason why Leo Messi has decided to stay at FC Barcelona | Oh My Goal


After requesting to leave FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi finally decided to stay with the club! But why did Messi change his mind and drop all hope of joining Pep Guardiola at Manchester City?


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  1. Oh My Goal - News says

    Reports from Goal confirm Messi will NOT be leaving Barcelona ❌"From his son's devastation to the Camp Nou president's betrayal, the Argentine explained all on what happened with his attempted exit" (Goal)

  2. Haz 666 says

    Other than his family don't want to move, I think he worries not to perform well in other league. Beside that who want to pay messi salary like barca?

  3. Anime63 says


  4. argun sina says

    Cristiano: he wants to more money than me 😝😂Fans : he wants to grap more controversy awards

  5. Amandip Pradeep Singh says

    Oh my goal I have a question. Why does Ronald Koeman doesn't wants Luis Suarez and wish to sell him ? Why?

  6. Black Panther says

    Why all the fuss.. If he was not going to leave in the first place

  7. Sandeep Spehia says

    Sir please clarify i am very confused1) first messi said president always told me when the season is over you decide if you want to stay or leave. 2) Second he said president told be all the time we will talk, now now this and that, but nothing. President didn't give a me a clue what he was really thinkingBoth statement are so contradictory both can't be true….When the season was about to over then president gave that reply that can be true not all the time. He can't say both all the time. Please clarify

  8. Mayur Gianchandani says

    And Barca fans call Madrid fans plastic. They're literally happy holding a player against his will, and it did seem clear he wanted to go, and tbh it would've been better. And wth does it mean that it tarnishes his image to the fans, how freaking sensitive and dramatic are these fans

  9. Hanna Mckenzie says

    I no longer need my work with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  10. Manbha Shabz says

    Bartomeu out out

  11. Manbha Shabz says

    Bartomeu out out

  12. beer tooth says

    No player is above the club, not even Messi. He should leave.

  13. DYAVAGOU KASSA Benedi says

    Leo did it because hé wanted the president out not because he disrespected Barcelona fan they have to understand it …if Barcelona try to boo him …they just sucker

  14. Arkasnata Das says

    @4:00 there is nothing to forgive… we barca fans were only angry with the board…what about messi…he was/is/will be the greatest player we have seen in the world…so if he stays it's the best thing that could happen.

  15. Heisted says

    He was never going to leave. I dont know why people actually think that. If he wanted to leave he would have left a year or two ago. Really shows the plastic Barca fans who only support Messi and not the club. They all switched to Man City fans for a week or two 😂

  16. Varun Chettri says

    The reason why messi stays at barca coz he hve to pay 870 million euros to leave rhe club and man city was offering him 630 million euro contract..

  17. Timia Macharia says

    BIG mistake

  18. kudakwashe zvaita says

    You know whats funny? you guys been speaking about Messi leaving Barca for the past week. Now you saying "The reason why he is staying at Barca". That's why i have been ignoring all your videos lately. I wanted to hear from Messi himself. Not the news, rumours and all.

  19. Robert vlore says

    Maradona from another galaxy .. Messi not comparable vs maradona …

  20. Antonio Salazar says

    He didn't decide he was basically forced

  21. Luis Suarez says

    He didn’t decide he was forced, big difference.

  22. Sairam Aadhithya says

    Man now I am sad. I thot barca would get rekt. Stupid team

  23. E A says

    Modern day slavery…he gave so much for the club when its time for letting him go they threaten him…what a joke clearly showing they dont give a crap about him and all he gave to the club…If i was leo i would run down my contract and then walk away as a free agent to another team.Modern day slavery thats what this is

  24. Bhumibol Adulyadej Shakya says

    The classic Messi move.

  25. Ihwiwhu Ogaga says

    Cause he never meant to

  26. φωτης παπαγιαννης says

    Barcelona should throw Messi out…A huge club waiting for a player who won his last champions league trophy 2015 with Suarez Neymar xavi Iniesta etc… I mean he is not such a big of a deal…

  27. Vito Pratama Putra S. says

    I think Messi didn't have a choice for this moment. More like he's forced to stay. 🤔

  28. Shaheer Ahmed says

    Guys please answer this questionCan Messi leave fcb for free after next season

  29. MoonFlip says

    Messi was betrayed and lied. Its never easy to leave you home especially when you have given 20 years to the club. He has every f**king right to decide what he wants to do next but Barcelona will never be the same. 2020 CHANGED THE WORLD. Long live The G.O.A.T❤️

  30. Abdullah Aftab says

    Consider me the OFFICIAL BARTOMEU OUT button

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