This is a super special video for me, I got the chance to head to Finale Ligure for the final stop of the EWS Enduro World Series and Trophy Of Nations. MTB Enduro racing is much like downhill racing but way longer, and with longer stages comes more problems, crashes and horrendous climbs. This was my first ever enduro event of this calibre, so to race down huge mountains on trails with rocks, roots, jumps and cliffs was a crazy experience for. I shot the whole day on GoPro POV to take you along with me for a full enduro world series race. enjoy the downhill footage but also the shots me suffering. Shout out to Marin Bikes for the industry entry! enjoy

  1. Rafael B. says

    This guy looks like he is going to steel Vibranium and sell it to wakanda's enemies

  2. Dan Phillips says

    I'd follow enduro if I had any idea where to find the coverage… Is it covered like the DH WCup or do they just give you tables of results?

  3. rokianonda BD says

  4. Blake Brewer says

    Can we just take a moment to recognize how smooth the GoPro made it, few years ago that would’ve been shaky as hell

  5. David Adkins says

    I've never done anything like this and never will, to old now lol but ,good job to all 3 of you

  6. Chrissy KERIN says

    Uhh it’s now about 3oclock we start at 8 so that’s uhhh umm uhhh 7 hours?

  7. AL. says

    I seem Wyn Masters flying through these hills

  8. MarlowWhere says

    Ahh fook. Nuts everywhere


    Not knowing where the path leads = pointless race

  10. Wide awake says

    I'm a 64 year old grandad who cycles his 33 year old bike to the shops and I love this.

  11. King Ofgods6996 says

    nooo man u F uped in two runs

  12. Ethan Williams says

    "…acoustic bikes…" Got me.

  13. Aljer Vasquez says

    I wish i could have a bike like that 🙂 is my dream 🙂

  14. Blas Perero says

    What tires your running out there mate?

  15. Bret Leversha says

    Thanks for the epic footage, such fun to watch! Well done!

  16. Batscat says

    Why do they whistle on the trail?

  17. SPEED SPARKS says

    If I was racing a race on a bike and I saw someone with a camera with the flash on I would stick my V's up at them lol

  18. Sting Jnr says

    You seem to complain about a sport u do? Bit much too

  19. David Coomber says

    God does he ever stop bitching, sounds like a old lady

  20. Vlad Ucrainciuc says

    Good job. I can feel the pain in real time lol

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