The Power Of Music | Control AWE | Part 5


Okay monster! Round 2! Just you, and me, and the hiss, and mold people, and mind bending puzzles…
This is fine.

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After a secretive agency in New York is invaded by an otherworldly threat, you become the new Director struggling to regain Control. From developer Remedy Entertainment, this supernatural 3rd person action-adventure will challenge you to master the combination of supernatural abilities, modifiable loadouts and reactive environments while fighting through a deep and unpredictable world. Control is Jesse Faden’s story and her personal search for answers as she grows into the role of the Director. The world of Control has its own story, as do the allies Jesse meets along the way. Jesse works with other Bureau agents and discovers strange experiments and secrets.

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  1. WarhammerGeek says

    The lyrics "the pyramid in the stolen file becomes a spruce tree" that's definitely referencing the Foundation expansion, right?

  2. WarhammerGeek says

    Ok, so the song "Take Control" mentions agents of ill fantasy. Now that could just be symbolic of the FBC and it's messed up world. But what if it actually is eluding to how the FBC is a fantasy? I swear if it turns out Alan Wake wrote all of this.

  3. Matthieu Dora says

    Jesse panicking in the dark makes me feel so much better about me panicking in the dark

  4. Will Hedgpeth says

    I had a thought, what if Ahti is just a altered human, unlike the darkness and hiss combination, what if he was apart of the band "old gods of Asgard" and left just like one of the other band members. Since alter items are made from the collective unconsciousness of people, a famous person would be subject to the same alterations. And the way he is able to move thought the oldest house with what seems to be no effort, just like the dark/hiss combination seemingly able to create doorways out of walls. make me believe this even more, ( I have not seen the ending of this game or looked up anything so it's just a theory)

  5. KamikazeIce says

    Rock nursing home would literally beRevocation "The Grip Tightens"

  6. Troublesome Zorua says

    I'm really curious about the organization responsible for the train. Like you said it could be Blessed, though I suspect otherwise. As I recall the original Blessed memo referred to them as an "organization or individual" or something to that effect. Whereas this is definitely an organization with multiple confirmed members. Plus they apprehended members while they aren't even totally sure Blessed exists. So I think that Blessed is more of a super shadowy group, whereas this is more of a "secretive but documented" organization. Still super dangerous but lower tier basically.

    Now I just want to see that coffee cup with the subtitle "Take CONTROL of your morning."

    Wow, I knew about the backmasked messages but had no idea about the easter egg or any of that. Shame to hear about the Old Gods tour going so badly, at least we got Take Control out of it. Now we just need to figure out the part about the Pyramid and Spruce Tree. My guess is it's a hint at the conflict between The Board and the FBC. It was implied that The Oldest House was a tree before it became a building, and The Board is represented by a pyramid. So I suspect the pyramid becoming a spruce tree represents the FBC becoming independent.

  7. Lordroku776 says

    Hey jesse are we gonna get a shadow warrior 2 playthrough with friends before shadow warrior 3?

  8. swardinc says

    so wait the old gods where vampires?

  9. MightyDesperado says

    Damn, I got so close to finding this secret lol. Hope you find more I missed because I really only found like two hidden areas, I think, which was kind of disappointing while playing.

  10. GoodWolf says

    Once did an overnight trip from Paris to Rome on a train…had our own sleeper cabin (with bathroom!). Ate dinner in the dining car as we crossed the Alps, then woke up in Rome after a fine night's sleep…all at less than half the cost of any direct flight. No stressful security, no checking bags. Most civilized way to travel, without a doubt.

  11. Travis Chan says

    Jesse, since you're playing Final Fantasy 14, i just want you to know: your screams of terror when moving the train this episode? That's how I go through FF14 dungeons.

  12. Justin Carson says

    Jesse… Traveling by train = Luxurious way to travel

  13. hann_uh says

    I have this dlc but I keep getting so spooked I’m waiting for your videos first before I keep going past this part 😅

  14. The Grinning Viking says


  15. João Nabo says

    I bruteforced the clock puzzle right at launch, since the expansion was out for less than 5 hours i had to try each possible combination, it took me an hour but im super glad to know i was probably one of first to solve it. I also posted the sollution on reddit imediately after solving it.

  16. Justin C says

    I'm so relieved that he looked up the clock! I had to look it up right away when he came to it cause I was super curious, and then I realized there was no way in hell I would have been able to figure it out.

  17. Jay Lee says

    Game: Pursue HartmanJesse: I will do literally everything else first. By far my fave LP of this series because the immersion is real.

  18. Gildragil70 says

    I've always said if I was rich I'd rebuild the train systems.

  19. Lux Ace says

    Poor Jesse sounds like he needs a hug every time he gets scared.

  20. Chris Schoenthaler says

    I just went back in to the game when I saw the clock. The Aerobics mod I got only restores 10 hp.

  21. Blargnak King says

    Jessie, if you're ever in the UK check out pickering. or something in that neck of the woods. Some of the trains use early rail carriages and a few use steam engines. Worth a trip if you haven't

  22. Chris Schoenthaler says

    Jesse, just a reminder that you have a shield power.Also, check out astral constructs! There is a new weapon form you haven’t seen!

  23. Jessica Meisner says

    too scared for "Take a seat!" one liners? 🙁

  24. Tre' Fleming says

    Jesse, is the Squad able to play through the Alan Wake games?

  25. CJICantLie says

    Weird that they say the train car is the largest altered item on record, when there are entire buildings that are altered.

  26. HOTLILPAPI says


  27. Eragon0pl says

    Imagine being in a band where suddenly you're drummer goes: "eert ecurps a semoceb elif nelots eht ni dimaryp eht yldnuoforp elbuod gniees etats derevef neknurd rieht nI"

  28. Sajirou Plays says

    All the best stuff, saved for a DLC at the end of the game. Tsk. We need a NG+

  29. Diego Decuadro Mansilla says

    Hey cox why do you use only one mode of the gun? It seemed that the shotgun mode migth have been useful in the train area at the beggining

  30. Mikle Talalaevskiy says

    Jesse, I know you've read this, but we still want that sweet sweet Alan Wake walkthrough!

  31. Jori Diculous says

    AWE part 5? Why the heck part 1,2,3,4 not show up in the subox. Dam you YouTube!

  32. OddAtticus says

    Just recently finally binged this whole playthrough and I really wish I watched it sooner what a fantastic game

  33. UnreasonableOpinions says

    yes I assure you i smartbrained my way up the entire clock puzzle and by no means got confounded and brute-forced it after happening to stumble upon it while exploring day 1 why would you ask

  34. Lonewanderer D says

    Lol, i got a sound bug on the train and had to do it all without the audio cues, i was so confused

  35. Brent Crobarger says

    "The Old Gods" were a rock band in Alan Wake. You meet them in the dinner and again in the nursing home. Their songs were Viking/Nordic inspired and one of their songs is the cause of all of the evil birds in the game. There's nothing new about them here in control, but I guess if you hadn't played AW they'd need to be mentioned.

  36. techditto says

    You have 4 ability points now, buy the new launch ability. 🙂

  37. Jared Boike says

    jazz cabbage

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