1. Michael Snoddy says

    You did a good job “ole man” ! You should be proud of you sons and really…..you should be proud of yourself!!! I am subscribed to both Billy’s and Molly’s channel. When I saw you came up with one….I immediately hit that subcribe button. Good job…good luck….and looking forward to the vids!!

  2. Buddy Duncan says

    Can't wait to see what is next

  3. young11984 says

    You not going to let off until the front end sits down or its in the ditch right🤣🤣

  4. fordtechlife says

    Hey old man lol glad to see you on the YouTube im gonna be your biggest fan even tho im a ford guy i watch you guys the boys and there s10s can't wait to see what your up to you definitely know your shit appreciate your knowledge a willingness to share 👍🔴⚪🔵🇺🇸👊💪

  5. Trae Kuhlman says

    Old man keep making these kind of videos!! lol i liked to see more of this kinda content

  6. Robert G says

    This is great Bill, thank you so much!You will get used to doing it with time and you did a great job for your first time too!

  7. clint hotrod Patriot says

    like a pro Pops. subscribed. see ya at the track/street Bill

  8. Brandon Morawski says

    Awesome video can't wait for more videos

  9. Thomas Mills says

    Keep em coming!!!

  10. Phillip Blake says

    Love the video. Love the information. You really do need to give that Nova some love.

  11. Jack Death says

    If your teaching , I'm learning!!!

  12. LSX T MT says

    Get your kids a cage,grow up

  13. scatpack71 says

    Great video! Looking forward to more!

  14. Jon Hartline says

    I am so happy the you started your own channel. Please show the Nova I miss that old car.

  15. Austin Stuhr says

    Love the content man! Keep it coming.!

  16. 4g _lude says

    You know we support you man!! Shouts out from the Honda world lol it’s all love

  17. John Gilmour says

    Great video old man! Keep em coming!!!

  18. Savage Productions says

    You did a great job on your first video! Don't be so hard on yourself. My dad's been recording some of the content that goes on my channel lately, so he's in the same boat as you are! He thinks it's awkward and silly talking into a camera by himself. He's gotten a lot better at it, though, and I'm sure you will too. If you need any help with anything involving YouTube content creation, creating an intro/outro, or making thumbnails, let me know!

  19. CENTER MASS says

    Hell yea man. I hope u get a million subs . u definitely got me bud. Cant wait to give my son my camaro when hes ready.

  20. Jason Hayden says

    For your first video , I think you did a great job! Hope to see more in the future so we can get your perspective on things and get some of your knowledge.

  21. TexasT says

    two words, … Nova ContentWe need sum.

  22. MrShizzmoney says

    This is the dad I always wanted and never had, I’m subscribed pops, you got my support

  23. Dread Head says

    loved the video! love the channel! grow this thing

  24. F3 BBC says

    I am 42 yrs old and my grandpa started street racing in 58 and then my dad and now I'm also street and track racing. I remember my dad and grandpa were at my first street race in 94 and they were helping with my car every night, but I was out there every damn night before them and I shut it down. I wanted to race I had to put in the work and I also had to earn my money, but I did get plenty of help and I have plenty of companies still helping me. I wish I still had my grandpa and I wish my dad still could get out more than he does. They should cherish and take advantage of the knowledge because it could be gone tomorrow. You just truly never know. Smart move starting your own channel. You have a ton to offer people.

  25. StuntBikeJourney says

    I love Billy’s channel but I have also been really wanting something like this to get some of your knowledge. Please keep this channel going. Your family is awesome and you guys built awesome vehicles here.

  26. don ladds says

    bill this is great so glad youve got your own channel now im the same age as you and love billys channel but always hoped you would do this one day ive been drag raceing most of my life as well i now also tune for my son and his mate were from the uk and dont live far from our track santa pod good luck bill and dont feel silly in the camera bro you did great respect to you regards don

  27. Leal 427 says

    Hell yea the sauce🔥

  28. Grizzlyman _ says

    Good job Old Man. I have you by 4 years and we’re not old. Looking forward to the content.

  29. Bankrupt racing says

    Great idea ,and im glad your trying this. Really hope it takes off for you and us. With a bad back ,running equipment/driving trucks. Is very hard on the back.I'll be watching every video

  30. Holden Saylors says

    Let it rip tator chip good content . I can’t wait to see more

  31. James Forth says

    Hope they realize how lucky they are to have your help and support my dad passed away before i got my car done

  32. M K says

    Can you do a vid on how you have everything wired for nitrous ? Switches pumps solenoids ?

  33. M K says

    You remind me of my dad. Building a car together made us closer, now cars been “done” for a while we kinda grew apart and I have my own little family now. Thanks for the video

  34. mtnman3MTA3 says

    Good luck with the channel Bill, you’re a natural for this. I’m sure your kids will support you when you need help. Thanks for the video.

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