1. Hot for Health says

    Its all coming together. This is moving too fast and people will just accept it all, no questions. 😢

  2. Hot for Health says

    3:35. Please stop the ride is right!

  3. Troo. Tube says

    BillGatesWantsToKillUs.com !

  4. John Lemon & The Sourtones says

    Excellent research… cheers

  5. karl brea says

    These are the same scum that told us GMO would feed the world.

  6. J. H. says

    Get out of the cities and into the country side. Time is running out.

  7. WhoIsAmaze says

    I just looked them up on webull, the stock is about 1,200$ a share and the chart looks strong… only going up…

  8. Michael Potts says

    6.5 +/_ riparian acres and Ill stick with what is here and traditional

  9. Moshia Shlomo says

    Every single time…how are they juice every… single….. time…..

  10. MrRebar15 says

    Please Stop The Ride Bravo well done, thank-you for taking the time to keep us informed. God Bless.

  11. Sissy Ray Self says

    OH GOD.. what the hell is DARPA doing getting involved in FARMING? No. No. No.

  12. 25/7 says

    slaves eat grains

  13. Sissy Ray Self says

    No!! I don't need big corporations and creepy laboratories run by technocrats telling me how to farm MY land. No. No. No.

  14. Steve French says

    Hi Cam, thanks for sharing

  15. Terminal Insanity says

    its getting to the point where we are going to be forced to stop them or surrender to their enslavement.I suspect most people will joyously surrender to the slavery. People are too easily manipulated, and they outnumber us.

  16. Sunless Sentinel says

    I’m a farmer, and I’m going to hard pass.

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