The Most Intense Horror Survival Game Ever.. A Beast That Hunts When it Can Hear You – In Silence


Welcome to In Silence. In Silence is a Multiplayer survival horror game based around.. Silence. The monster can be AI or Human and will hunt you as you and a group search the entire map for car parts or codes to unlock the armory.



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  1. Anthomnia says

    This will probably be my one and only scary upload in the spirit of Halloween because I'm a wimp with horror games. Let me know your thoughts on In Silence. Also, The people who i got into a game with are completely random but i really, really enjoyed playing with them. So, if you're one of the people in this video hit me up i'd love to game with you guys more 🙂

  2. Frankoiz Barairo says

    A quiet place: The game

  3. Brian Johnson says

    Absolutely hilarious

  4. Mr Kater says

    I like the look of the Monster looks kinda hungy

  5. Clementine Schälchen says

    Creature can see you because the water of the rain makes it so you’re body is outlined as you run so it sees a moving object and sees you’re outline as you run and try to escape and run from it through basically echo location it can use durning rain is my best theory

  6. Lost Coyote says

    Some of those screams like Santa. "HOOO hoo Hooooo!"
    Lol omg, I love it.

  7. Phantom Soldier says

    This game is perfect for me considering the fact I’m usually pretty silent in horror games since my brain is focusing on where the monster might be

  8. Diamond Werto says


  9. Konrad Pytlak says

    Quaiet Place the game

  10. Little Rat says

    Please do more of this!!

  11. Fall0ut_tr!x _gaming says

    Anth: makes no noise

    Anth: screams in mic
    Rake: i taught i killed all the rats

  12. Fall0ut_tr!x _gaming says

    When rake rip offs go to far

  13. BlueDiceX says

    4:28 OMFG

  14. du lizard glasses says

    I believe when it rains he does not see everything it muffles everything so you can make as much noise at once

  15. Energy Vanquish says

    This game is too spooky for meee

  16. Wayne Hamm says

    Its fynny they didnt know the rake isnt actually that smart.

  17. DareClaw says

    Just gotta say, I'm in LOVE with that creature design. It's so horrid and monstrous. Whoever modeled and animated it did an amazing job.

  18. Mya Post says

    A Quiet Place vibes

  19. Jonathan Bounsanga says

    Do not make a noise

  20. Jonathan Bounsanga says

    jump scare lol

  21. Blacksun388 says

    So it's basically A Quiet Place: The Video Game

  22. Smoosh Goo says

    "This is amsr" him saying it wrong 💀

  23. wizard of gameing c40 says

    Is someone playing the monster

  24. Kronos Pictures says

    So, it's "A Quiet Place: The Game."

  25. Echo 22-538 says

    Anthomnia:So this is about a game were the monster can only hear sounds (mighty well) but can't see.
    Later: Monster goes through him
    Me: Must not be able to detect touch as well….

  26. destiny 2 scott sco says

    The video is still a little to dark even with my phone on Max brightness but other than that the video is pretty good

  27. Beaver gaming says

    Loved it, you should upload more horror games

  28. Kinda Arson says

    Phasmophobia 2

  29. Some Thiccc Skeleton says

    This looks awesome

  30. deadwarrior says

    this game looks awesome deffently adding it to my list 🙂

  31. Sinorox says

    I don't think any of them understood that the heartbeat getting louder meant that the monster was getting closer and closer, even after the third round of em getting fcked up…

  32. Kristian says

    I like, rake runs into the house not know exactly where they are and he proceeds to freak out yelling run up the steps. If he didn't know where u were then he does now lol.

  33. Dark Project says

    Sooo……..the movie Don't Breathe?

  34. Cursed Kim AKA SeriousMANBOT says

    more games should have a system like this

  35. J K says

    I've actually never seen anyone complete the game before

  36. J K says

    11:58, it got you through a wall, how does that work?

  37. Upsidemon says

    God watching you play this was genuinely entertaining

  38. Odyseeus says

    This game looks freaking nuts.

  39. Noi the tenonto says

    "Asmr" (goes up to mic and whispers loudly) "You know what i said YOU KNOW WHAT I SAID"

  40. Lvaild says

    Me and my friends would fail at this so badly because we tell to many jokes to the point to where were dying with laughter

  41. Kane says

    this Game is good, but it needs a Quick Match without open a Server and waiting for players.

  42. wrench 553 says

    There we have it the quiet place game

  43. C00CHIE MAN says

    He lookes kinda cute tho

  44. rbm says

    Its like a quiet plays

  45. ZERG1386 says

    Is it free? Pls tell me it's free

  46. lil Skai says

    this game has so much patential lmao

  47. Dominate Gene says


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