THE LAST ONE | Part 18 | CHIVAS FM20 | Football Manager 2020


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Another episode in my Road to Glory FM20 series with Mexican side Club Deportivo Guadalajara, or CD Guadalajara, or as I’ll be calling them because it seems like the easy option, Chivas. This Football Manager 2020 series takes us to the Mexican Liga MX and to a club that are only allowed to sign Mexican players – no Brazilian wonderkids for me in this series… We’ve got a decent youth setup, a solid squad and plenty of money – everything looked like it was going to be nice and easy until a familiar face turned up – Director of Football Mike. And the club have now decided he’s going to be in control of all transfers in and out of the club, meaning I’m going to have to live or die by tactical ability and training know how, with no way to buy my way out of trouble…

This is going to be a Director of Football challenge series, with the end of goal of winning the Club World Cup with a team entirely made up of Mexican players.

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  1. Daniel Ward says

    Kev i really think the retro save you showed us would be the best series to watch, something about Peterborough signing Ronaldo and Messi in there prime seems satisfying…..

  2. ParkerPlaysGames says

    Totally understandable Kev, hope the next one is more successful, love all the work you do 🙂

  3. Joseph Banks says

    Why Wednesday at 1pm, IM IN COLLEGE NOOOOOOOOOO😂

  4. Shay Giles says

    you should do a a south American one in the next fm and start in brazils 3rd tier or something

  5. Joseph Banks says

    I really hope there’s another series happening instead of this one then

  6. EOJ Productions S;ddrgvcxs says

    thats sad i really liked it, it would have been so fun

  7. Ragin Cajun says

    I’d kill for ten views let alone 2300. Lol. I like the Apollon more but was still watching every episode.

  8. Ratwar says

    Sign Mick Powell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kinda sucks that you're canning the series. Totally understand it though, bills are bills.

  9. Enrique Torres-Duque says

    Oh man what a shame. Guess the "Campeonísimo" isn't going to happen :/

  10. Paul Knox says

    I'll always remember this as the series that gave us club logo wipe transitions.

  11. Adam Pass says

    I understand why people aren't enjoying it as much and not viewing because transfers are the best part of a series for me and there weren't any. I think if it had been a save where transfers were made by you it would have been better. It was too much of a change. Maybe a director challenge in a more familiar league would have worked.

  12. Piotr Wołejko says

    I have enjoyed this series, even tho it had serious flaws. Most important was not even the whole concept of DoF, which clearly failed so far. What I didn't enjoy at all was Kev's utter disregard for Mexican League, its rules and absolute lack of knowledge of other teams and players. This led to a situation where there were little to none emotions or excitement while watching games. Who cares if Chivas faced Team A, B or C, if we didn't know anything about them, aside their current league position?The whole saved seemed to be unprepared and it contrasted starkly with Apollon, which is extremely enjoyable to watch.

  13. ThreeRunHomer says

    Next save: Hong Kong surely

  14. xpatriotkiwi says

    If you could make transfers this would be more interesting, but was worth a go.

  15. jason thomas says

    It's a shame this happened Kevin but if it was the Apollon save it would be a travesty.Thank God it's not.

  16. stephen fleming says

    no new save until fm 21 if anyone is wondering

  17. Bastian Schrøder Larsen says

    I've really enjoyed the series. Thank you so much. Dieter Villalpondo is my hero now and forever.

  18. Mr. Ovalle says

    sorry your first time in mexico was underwhelming for views…i actually liked the series.can't wait for FM 21 saves and I will watch the replay of the streams once theyre up

  19. Andrew Wood says

    Like others have said, that's a shame, as I really enjoy the series. Hope you come back to Latin America in FM21

  20. Dias Xavy says

    This series is boring. Do athletic Bilbao next. It will be similar like this but more exciting

  21. King Hernan says

    Shame but understandable. The idea was/is a very interesting and challenging one

  22. Adam Dawes says

    I thought this series was underwhelming. It seemed too easy and the transfer specials weren't particularly interesting. I really liked the idea and its a shame it hasn't worked out. Will you be doing another series in its place or increasing the apollon content?

  23. Diego Ambrosini says

    maybe doing a DoF save and at the same time an all-mexicans save was a bit too much… if you could do the transfers at Chivas, or if Mike could work without the nationality restrictions, it would arguably have been a more watchable series. although I've quite enjoyed it, though… being from Latin America myself, I find always fun to watch a series over in these parts of the footballing world. but alas, on to the next save, I guess 🙂

  24. Cenk Sanivar says

    Kev I think no one will blame you for your decision. I, for instance, couldn’t for the life of me understand the format of the competition and after couple seasons (or is it 4 separate seasons?) following the series was turning into a chaos and add to that you have no say in transfers. I believe I understand your frustration. Good Luck.So what’s next 🤓

  25. AstrianLoki says

    Let's be totally honest and clear here.. this is all Mike's fault

  26. bradley hatton says

    Real shame but I understand kev, will you be replacing this with a new series?

  27. Gerard Turley says

    A real shame as due to shift work sometimes I cant watch it live!So would it be safe to assume this is the new setup going forward?? Or will daily vids return with FM21? Not a big fan of Twitch as becomes stagnant very quickly. All the best whatever you decide Kev, it's been a guilty pleasure of mine since Bourne entered League 2.

  28. Ejemplo Padre says

    Really sad this is ending. Its a shame people are square minded and want England Spain and Italy all the time. Liga MX and South America in general is a very interesting region for football. What next then?

  29. aryan_jolly 04 says

    I think winning everything first time and Mike not making any good transfers didn't really help you

  30. El Cochiloco says

    The problem with Mexico is most teams only have short term plans since the season are so short. If a team has a bad season they,l renew the whole team in one transfer window very few teams have mid term plans and hardly any think long term. That’s why our football is inconsistent. As a fan of Liga Mx for over 20 years I feel that for every step forward we take we take 2 back. But glad to see u enjoyed our circus league. Lol hopefully u start watching and enjoying it irl

  31. El Cochiloco says

    Shame. It was fun watching u manage my mighty goats.

  32. Shawn Gillogly says

    Understand the decision to end the series. I personally find South American FM the best FM. And hope this doesn't turn you off on a Brazil or Argentinian save in FM21.

  33. Scotty 2507 says

    Sometimes they just don't work out even when its a good idea , we go again

  34. Jack Sawbers says

    Sad that you had to end the series 😟 I really enjoyed it and I know lots more about Mexican football now including Google sending me Chivas results every week 😂

  35. 1hamzeus says

    Enjoyed this series, shame there's not enough demand

  36. Deanna Erickson says

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  37. Pablo Pérez says

    Start in Spain 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸Best FM youtuber keep going on😉Im following from Spain 😁

  38. tompe981 says

    A summary on youtube would be appreciated!

  39. Banjomike97 says

    I think the problem with this save (and others as well) is that FM20 is just too easy the moment you put in a Gegenpress or any kind of Tiki taka you almost have to overperform. And with you winning the league in the first few episodes it kinda devalued the save

  40. ObviouslyKieran2 says

    Hopefully you'll do a DoF save when FM21 eventually comes out, I've really enjoyed this series and seeing how different leagues work.

  41. Treatrunk says

    To bad you have to cancel the series. I understand your reasoning, but still a shame. I loved watching it, and I was looking forward to the DoF part of it.Btw. You have shown (again) that you can do tactics.

  42. BardaK says

    Do a save in Romania! I recomand you CAO Oradea, they are in the 4th division in 19/20 and they got promoted in real lifeThey are ONLY team to win a championship in Romania and Hungary

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