The Indonesian Teenagers Competing in Illegal Drag Races


Motorcycles rule the streets of Indonesia. By day, the bikes zip through Jakarta, ferrying residents to and from work—but by night, the roads give way to the underground world of illegal street racing. Kids as young as 12 compete in the high-speed sprints, where riders can make a small fortune off a single race. The rewards are great, but the risks are just as high: Flying down roads at breakneck speeds, one, small mistake can cost a “speed jockey” their life.

On this episode of ‘VICE INTL,’ VICE Indonesia went inside Jakarta’s dangerous, high-stakes street racing scene. We met up with a 16-year-old rising star to hear how he got involved, talked to the cops cracking down on illegal drag racing, and checked out a sprint ourselves—watching as two teenagers faced off for more cash than most Indonesians make in a month.

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  1. VICE says

    "I’ve been racing since the 5th grade. It’s been my passion ever since I was a child. I’ve always wanted to become an accomplished drag racer."WATCH NEXT: Boy Racer: Fast and Furious in the UK —

  2. im memes says

    What it looks like: me and my friends racing bikes.What it feels like:

  3. Ardana says

    That's Indonesia in a nutshell

  4. Sansan says

    Its my country dude

  5. D Legionnaire says


  6. vince King says

    How about someone buys them proper clothing and a proper bike. Even the sponsored racing doesn’t look safe

  7. Over Loaded says

    Cig?? Lol, meth will make you more sharper

  8. Ronnie Jr says

    Damn those kids sure can launch a bike tho

  9. the good boy says

    Dia blm pegi malaysia lgi. Blh tgk mcm mana

  10. Fabian PP says

    I've seen one of the street race when I was going home at night on my bike, I was wondering why's there traffic, turns out they're blocking the streetsSo since I can't do anything, I just watch till one of em won

  11. Watziatho says

    who giving the idea of burying metals will work 🤣

  12. David Le says

    In Vietnam we also had illegal race, Khu Tao Lượn is fixed music Frim Khu Tao Sống, many youngsters who don't have brain to do it

  13. Fabian ulises Carrillo says

    Is this where racing blinker fluid came from

  14. gust arc says

    Can someone make a movie about this almost like a this is the 90s vibe. Or kids.

  15. Jeffrey Schouten says

    "It's been my passion since i was a kid." Euhm, you still are a kid 🤔

  16. errxrx 69 says

    All think that these little things are powerful and impressive but you need to Come finland to watch how we do these things

  17. patriqc newman says

    Moto kills

  18. Gamer Gone Retro says

    Raw 2 stroke power 😍😍

  19. kirby4041994 says

    How cute with their little scooters

  20. alif Rizky says

    Imagine being thinner than those weird ass bike tire

  21. JONARUO says

    the video: 2 years agothe comments: the videome: wait… that's my house

  22. Christopher Minor says

    Dam image what they would do to get ahold of a real bike like my Gsx-R

  23. Travis says

    Jesus ppl r treating racers like their fuckin drug dealin gun totin criminals i understand it's dangerous but they're bikes… the only ppl gettin hurt r the racers or the ppl directly involving themselves.. in which case make them responsible for the bill… wtf is the problem here??? the cops don't like us racin here either but we're not thought of as the scourge of the community

  24. Travis says

    hes not very good at losing

  25. Kaushik Bala says

    1:20 when you have not heard who Newton is and you pin the throttle on your moped

  26. Drukstylz says

    If they were driving superman mode. Could we see that, seems pretty interesting.

  27. Rafif Dias Sahitya. says

    Anjayy mberr

  28. Rolly Roy says

    Edi cahyono alias edy Cassidy LOL

  29. tubagoo dom says

    Damn kid is missing some of his cheek and nose cause of the pavement

  30. Weight Bully says

    Dunno maybe just the bikes, our bikes are 100x faster and illegal or not we don't crash that much no helmet and leathers smh

  31. MaddMely says

    14:42 "Traffic Enorcement" lol

  32. Jim Hiscott says

    Must not be very bright. Gets all wadded up and still doesn't wear gear on the street???

  33. Odin says

    Ooh yeah we in europe can't even leave a piece of plastic in the wrong type of trash. But these mofo's just bury complete motorcycles to get rid of them. Sick.

  34. Mahbubul Alam says

    Who races a scooter tho

  35. dentro_ can1 says

    "Banyak lukanya?""Patah."oh mai gad

  36. KingHD says

    *Sees a fight break out about whos moped is faster than whos 😂😂. thats the real ruthless toothless gang right there.

  37. RadityaFrost says

    im indonesian, and this is true. also Race can happen at suddenly when you meet silly people on the street then end up with taunting or even fighting

  38. Krisna Aditya says

    Welcome to Indonesia homei Di mana banyak ideologi yg random Begitu juga masyarakatnya yang random 🐒

  39. Syarif Dayat says

    Polisinya gemuk gemuk😅

  40. drew bledsoe says

    Dame I just notice that most is the south East Asian teenagers is mostly doing the same thing! It is the same as in Thailand and do you know that most Thai people , we hate this kind of teenagers….

  41. Myse Historia says

    I see them every night because they race front of my house. That bike very noisy maybe hurt your ears but some time i bet with my friend haha. sometime police come they catch the illegal rider and get punch kick and another from the police. sometime the police took they money.not rare see underage illegal drag rider even they dont have driving Licence. Then if they want do save illegal without police they must pay the police. Went i ask "don't you fear of dead cause this idiot illegal race" They answer "we fear hungry not death" Well. But you they only use 150cc bike but the speed so brutal like big bike sometime gank of big bike challenge them well of course the big bike lose ahahahaha. The most popular bike is kawasaki ninja 150 two stroke and yamaha rx king two stroke

  42. Nate Sheets says

    street racing in america is on tv now and is a huge thing in america now and yall are making out like its the most profound thing that there doing it 😂

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