The FOOTBALL CHALLENGE Fortnite Battle Royale! (Lachlan VS Miniminter)


Today me and Simon hit the pitch to see who is the best football/soccer player
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  1. Zeus says

    576 comments.. on a Lachy video.. damn.

  2. Viranch Doshi says

    When he says "intercepted" lol

  3. Jarvis Walker says

    The Lagg

  4. Ben says

    That wasn’t the only controversial draw this year

  5. Yotam Friedman says

    I get triggered by him saying soccer😷😂

  6. Saiqa Kalsoom says


  7. Caroline Sullivan says

    I love football

  8. Alfie Oakley says

    I have used your name in the fortnight shop and please can i have a shout out thank you because i am your biggesd fan

  9. YT 4bdul 5amad says

    Soccer ewww

  10. Maximise Gaming says

    If Var was in fortnite

  11. Saif Ahmed says

    When you can’t Afford fifa you play Fortnite football

  12. YOLOthunder 0112 says

    How did it go from being 1-1 to 3-2

  13. YOLOthunder 0112 says

    So much lag

  14. lxKingxSlayerxl says

    Is it Barcelona vs real Madrid?

  15. NathanPlayz says

    xD check the name of the person who was knocked 9:02

  16. Anton Mckenna says

    Should’ve done a penalty shootout ⚽️

  17. FEAR Wiggles says

    It’s soccer

  18. Issa Zammit Ibrahim says

    2019 anyone?

  19. Alex _16 says

    season 7 aneyone

  20. Jen G says

    Football it's soccer

  21. BabaTunde says

    I thought it was soccer in Australia not football

  22. Ehh Oh says


  23. OllyR9 says

    Build a wall on front of your goal

  24. S E says

    1-1 to 3-2

  25. Look at Curry man! says

    You should do it on playground mode.

  26. Mr Snipes says

    Lol he can’t score a normal goal but scored the impossible angle

  27. Melissa Riely says

    its called SOCCER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Supermariohoops24 says

    Lachlan blew a 3-1 lead

  29. Garrison Gentzel says

    your the best

  30. Browndog 101 says

    I love you

  31. HARIS says

    You should use the pleasant park pitch because that's not glitchy

  32. David McC says

    You should off done it in playground mode but your still the best

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