1. edvin97ful says

    Have y'all seen John Cena's beard ? He kinda looks like Kuru now. No joke.

  2. 10CENT says

    Ridge racer is worse than an indian trashcan.

  3. Samuel Kim says

    next: java racing marathon

  4. Elifas Kurnia P says

    Holy shit, my request, ridge racer was insane game back in the old days

  5. Kanzaki San says

    blur must be exist again, with lots of new contents such as cinematics for character's story. WE NEED IT

  6. Krieger22FS says

    6:18 Tin Soldiers YES

  7. Noel Dejesus says

    Blur is like NFS meets Nascar Rumble @2:38 Ooohh!

  8. Daniyar Ergali says

    will you ever play Rock'n'roll racing (by Blizzard) that was on Sega

  9. ThisEmptyWorm says

    when games used to be unique…

  10. KudosK says

    That was 2 weeks ago.Eden go faster :Kappa:

  11. Ethan Collins says

    It’s still a shame that they canceled blur 2

  12. Furry Scythe says


  13. Javier The Gladiator Y El Mejor Estrella Número #1 says

    miracle the old blur today if you are playing

  14. mvru says

    try to play 1nsane

  15. Samuel Williams says

    Plllleeassse play Tokyo Extreme Racer 3 next marathon <3


    He Did'nt Play Crash N burn GameOn the Racing Marathon

  17. grimmer jxcts says

    I'm glad i didn't miss any of marathon

  18. Lumanator says

    ridge racer marathon when

  19. refsoft says

    Split second was greeeeaaaatttt. Play some of that?

  20. Himik says

    See in speedometer, * Evil Honda sounds *8:18 : VTEC KICKED IN!!!!!!

  21. Dat Finnish Guy says


  22. L'Ermite Renard says

    8:59 damn Kaaris

  23. Tapper Fortes says

    next year last game should be Desert Bus and Kuru has to play the full 8 hours

  24. Leo Nicolae says

    Noooooo😢😢😢😢😢Come on 2021Come fast

  25. Kayena Arellano says

    Blur=Rage Quit

  26. Cheshjre says

    I know it not very good but ford racing (2 is love) for 21 plz!

  27. Gracoza1 says

    It sucks that n cant get blur to get installed on win 10 got it on a cd anyone got a solution?

  28. Raihan Mughny says

    Still waiting on Sega Rally 3 here

  29. Otherface says

    I hate that this gane didn't even had a sequel.

  30. Alex Boldan says

    Can you still buy this game from somewhere?

  31. Jacob Valencia says

    Good bye racing marathon

  32. Daven Aka Fury HD says

    “Worst racing game in history.” No I’m pretty sure it is the worst game EVER, it literally released unfinished lol

  33. Kelsey Jackson says

    Hey man. The T shirt in the thumbnail… how do I get one?

  34. Amidamaru says

    Úristen Rossz Pc Játékok

  35. Hdolf Aitler says

    NoHomo but Kuru makes me happy.

  36. Pyramid Head says

    You should do a Colin McRae marathon.

  37. Mr. ADR says

    I want Synetic's games to be played in the next racing marathon, both World Racing games, all six Cobra 11 games and Ferrari Virtual Race.

  38. cr0b4t says

    day 4 of asking to not include annoying and shitty earrapes in the youtube videos

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