The Division 2: State of the Game #169 – 02 September 2020 | Ubisoft [NA]



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Seven months have passed since a deadly virus hit New York City and the rest of the world, crippling the population. When the virus hit, The Division, a unit of civilian sleeper agents, was activated as the last line of defense. Since then, Division agents have been fighting relentlessly to save what remains.

For The Division, the stakes are higher than ever. Washington, D.C. – the most heavily protected city on earth – is at risk, leaving the entire nation on the brink of collapse. If Washington, D.C., is lost, then the nation falls. As a Division agent who has been in the field for seven months, you and your team are the last hope to stop the fall of society after the pandemic collapse.

Developed by Ubisoft Massive and the same teams that brought you Tom Clancy’s The Division®, Tom Clancy’s The Division® 2 is an online open world, action shooter RPG experience set in a collapsing and fractured Washington, D.C. This rich new setting combines a wide variety of beautiful, iconic, and realistic environments where the player will experience the series’ trademark for authenticity in world building, rich RPG systems, and fast-paced action like never before. Play solo or co-op with a team of up to four players to complete a wide range of activities, from the main campaign and adversarial PvP matches to the Dark Zone – where anything can happen.

In the wake of the virus, storms, flooding, and subsequent chaos have radically transformed Washington, D.C. Explore a living open world full of diverse environments, from flooded urban areas to historic sites and landmarks, during one of the hottest summers in history. The streets have been overrun with enemy factions, each with its own agenda and each vying for control of DC. It will be up to you to liberate the city and protect what remains of society.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was built with an “endgame-first” mentality, ensuring players always have access to fresh, unique, and diverse activities long after completing the main campaign. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2’s endgame will introduce brand new challenges and progression systems, unique twists and surprises, and for the first time, raids. Players will also be able to access a wealth of post-launch content, including a full year of free additional story-driven missions, map expansions, and gameplay modes.

After completing the main campaign, gain access to new specializations such as demolitionist, sharpshooter, and survivalist. Each specialization will open up an entire new progression system with new skills, mods, and unique talents to acquire and maximize your agent efficiency in your chosen role.

Civilians and enemy factions are constantly striving to survive, vying for necessities such as food, medicine, and ammunition. As the factions face off against each other in a ravaged DC, they will fight to seize control of resources and locations – and for their very survival. The various needs and motivations from each faction will collide, triggering different encounters between enemy and friendly factions, civilians, and ultimately you as an Agent, creating a dynamic living world full of surprises.

Civilians have banded together in settlements to rebuild their society, but their very existence is threatened. Work closely with them to keep them safe and in turn, they will come to your aid and provide supplies and assistance to build up your base of operations, giving a deeper meaning to the people and the world around you.

The Dark Zone is an untamed area of the map with some of the best loot in the game. The Dark Zone is also the most dangerous area in the game, where fear, betrayal, and tension are high, as any other agent can turn against you and steal your hard-earned loot. In Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, this playground was designed to provide a fair and exciting experience to all players, regardless of their level of progression.

The Division 2: State of the Game #169 – 02 September 2020 | Ubisoft [NA]

  1. Joseph Moorer says

    Ppl can find anything to complain about…

  2. Richard Harryson says

    I no longer need my 9-5 with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  3. Bill Cey says

    A skills Dog …for me thx

  4. Vonrichthoven1 says

    I feel Nerfs coming in…

  5. Dark says

    I'd still be happy to see the L85A2 assault rifle added to the game I mean we have the ak-47 and the rpk why not the L85A2 and l86lsw( that being in game already of coarse)

  6. Kevin Hernandez says

    so is this update coming to all platform? or only pc?

  7. Keys TheGeniius says

    We should be able 2 save outfits for loadouts

  8. Alex Henery says

    I quit my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  9. Flicker455 says

    The Skyscraper addition seems interesting. Will have to re-download.

  10. PC Gamer says

    I wish I could just give myself 9000+ watch levels…

  11. Shawn March says

    Something ALWAYS fresh and new?? Not sure how that can be true. Its the word "always" that has me concerned!!Im sure it'll be fun but I see it after a while getting stale but we'll see. You can only create so many scenarios unless you use procedural generation which I don't think the game is setup to do. Hopefully its at least fun becasue that's the only reason im playing games in the first place.

  12. Theseus Badger says

    The summit game mode should’ve been 100 floors of zombies. They really missed out on an opportunity, this building could’ve been where the green poison was made and all the employees/guards got infected and died in the building due to the virus being leaked into the ventilation shaft. The government sent in a private militia to try to contain the virus and killed any survivors so the virus won’t be released. But unfortunately, the militia was attacked by something unknown (Test Subject A) an experiment went wrong with intelligence “A zombie Hunter”. The entire building is filled with the undead and SHD agents must fight their way through the 100th floors recovering the cure to save the world By reaching the evacuation point which is on the top floor after defeating the (THE BOSS). This would be the perfect end game replayable content for us to farm the best exotic weapons and gear.

  13. Hueyy323 says

    Looking forward to picking up rainbows

  14. darengerjake 14 says

    Great another raid bs

  15. SuperNova says

    Why does the guy on the right "look like" a dude but sounds exactly like a woman? Wtf is going on there?

  16. Cory J Krum says

    So a guy I game with says his buddy had to pay pre order summit he thinks it is paid only is that true

  17. DaReal Molex says

    Ubi can only do good graphics, but that's not all. why don't you listen to your players?

  18. ANGEL GARCIA says

    gucci gang

  19. Stijn Swinnen says

    I have the feeling the floors look very much the same. Even all furniture look like they are all "square" and perfectly aligned to each other. I would expect more chaos.

  20. Reda Moumni says

    You guys killed this game

  21. Phil_A says

    Wtf is wrong this dude in the middle. I always get annoyed with non-interactive bih we could've picked someone else for this spotlight lol. Oh yea when is the Skyscraper coming?

  22. turningtides 100 says

    wanna explain why grenadiers are doing 800k+ damage a shot again?

  23. Nav Smith says


  24. Michael Memory says

    Pls put the backfire and mantis on the weapon display board in Haven!

  25. Ninja - shinobi29 says

    When is the update Title 11 coming is it coming tomorrow for division 2

  26. Mr Canard Laquais says

    SMG backfire with Ninjabike spotted

  27. Fifi Finance says

    Quarantine made me do it 🤣💪

  28. YHUNIIQ says

    Thank You guys for these updates/the hard work etc.. I'm so damn excited ..

  29. Orca Blacksail says

    I think this team has done a great job over the summer. Granted everything is not perfect the game is in a good place right now. There is a reason to log in weekly, the new loot is way better, and the focus is on what ur players want more so than what works for the dev teams. Loved horde mode in GOW2 (gears not god) and have clan members who do also. There would be a tremendous roi on detoxifying ur community. Its hard to recruit agents w so much vitriol online. Keep ur enemies close and bring those guys into the fold.

  30. Gogeta is better Than vegito says

    Wait so when does this come out

  31. Bosko Jal says

    Can't believe this stash size issue is still going on 4 years later

  32. BVB 09 says

    Just give me solo. I work alone!

  33. No Name says

    Still need legendary difficulty for ALL STRONGHOLDS!!!

  34. Johnny says

    Is the summit content going to be free or another paid dlc?

  35. Jose Mercado says

    Who the hell is this fruit cake? Please lord don't tell me this is the representative for UBISOFT in North America. I'm screwed as I can't even listen to this person talk. Ugh!!

  36. 와우 says

    그럼 기존세트는 않좋은 그대론가.. 새로나오는건 저렇게좋아보이는걸..?

  37. Rustic Gamer says

    I will be streaming on Twitch the summit/skyscraper when it comes out going to attempt floor 1 to 100 solo everyone is welcome to come and watch

  38. Peter Kallianiotis says

    I bet Legendary are hunters!!!!

  39. Peter Kallianiotis says

    I hope the y don't nert thw back pack evrthing else I don't care

  40. Mark Alexander says

    If this leather jacket outfit will be in season pass premium track, it's sold for me!Really cool how you guys keep developing the game. Thank you!

  41. steve smith says

    Is "skill efficiency" going to be on all gear or just related to the exotic backpack?

  42. Azhureus says

    I wonder if and when we get survival as it was in D1. That was the best content in D1 imo. Gonna jump back into D2 after some time, thanks guys for pretty decent content !

  43. Coolmusicplaylist says

    I wanna see Raid Bosses in Summit and for Dark Hours bosses in summit lets see white tusk ver

  44. Agent.Alf. says

    Simply love it and cannot wait for it going live!Yeah the hate(rs) also cannot be missed on any topic of TD2, tell their dramatic story about having NO fun about thousands of hours, but that's sadly a thing which you can see in any game today.

  45. PlayNoob69 says

    How is Hamish Bode at lvl 9988

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