1. DJ Alixer says

    love this review. reference it a lot

  2. Paul Daum says

    What app is he using on the ipad grande?

  3. Bryan Lim says

    in this video, which app were you demoing with

  4. Rich Morris says

    Awesome review

  5. Gangus Khan says

    Is this fool brain dead or what? He completely ignores the fact that not has Samsung already been here and done that, but done it better as far back as 2011. And really if you include their 2009 keyboardless Origami 7" Windows Touchscreen Tablet….. done like Apple with this Too Little Too Late Mouseless interfaced iPad Pro can't even do!

    Aside from the fact that Apple still hasn't fixed iPad Pro's FAILURE to WAKE UP IT'S SCREEN WHEN RECHARGING IT….. FIASCO!!!

    So here's reality for you; Next week Horace Dediu's New iPad Pro will be the Next Apple Product he simply tosses out of the picture and what people really want to know, since it seems so easy for him to do this device after device, is what will it be next….. in line replacing iPad Pro just days into it's launch??? Sorry but my Galaxy Note Pro trumps this iJunker to the circular file, where it belongs. No way are Professionals in the Arts, Business and Enterprise going to toss their Surface Pros and Macs out the door for a totally unproven and already suffering declining sales device with NO SOFTWARE To CREATE WITH!!!

    They stick with what already has been working and that includes Note Series Devices that not only can be used with superior screens (fastest response time of 0.01ms on AMOLED vs 4ms on iPad Pro 90's IPS Screen), full mouse support built in and if you so choose a real keyboard. To go with the absolute BEST DIRECT IMPUT….. Stylist…. Paintbrush… Pen…. Pencil…. Finger Touch….. support…. ever offered on a screen in Wacom Dual Mode Digitizer!

    Ever wonder why they never show that Pencil working on iPad Pro's Desktop???? …….because it simply….. CAN'T!!!!

    Until Apple totally takes iOS's kernel back apart to insert the framework necessary to support both a mouse and Stylus natively…… you'll only be able to use that Pencil on a few chosen Apps and that's what this fool neglected to tell YOU!!!

  6. Dick Bird says

    looks like apple is basically selling one piece of expensive propietary hardware after another to the same bunch of suckers using an endless stream of worthless pop babble rationalization to explain why each and every one is the "future"

    but hey, what do I know

  7. Richard Burton says

    Excellent review. Clear, concise and well argued. Possibly the best review if the iPad Pro and its place in the world I've seen yet.

  8. Lukas T says

    amazing – the desktop computer is assured ;D

    4:06 absolutely crazy – it takes longer to properly fold the cover of the iPad Pro than opening your Macbook- it is bigger in size, yet the display is the same size.

    holy shit…and Cook keeps telling us how redundant Laptops and even powerful desktop PC have become because of this "pro failure".

  9. Charles Telerant says

    This guy really gets it..

  10. priyans brahmbhatt says

    It is a great review. Thank you for your thoughts. Very well said!

  11. James T says

    Next time try speaking in a natural manner. This was super awkward to listen to.

    I suggest you watch some MKBHD videos.

  12. coronavirus-documentary says


  13. BazzaL85 says

    Completely new product and category????? Surface Pro line up since 2012

  14. Christopher Polack says

    Good work. That's was a terrific way to explain your viewpoint. Very insightful. Look forward to more.

  15. Alper Gökçer says

    Lots of nice and soft pillows on the right. Lots of.

  16. Craparella Smørrebrød says

    Now I need to see the guy to the right who, sweatingly and afraid, had to catch all that gear 🙂

  17. Mister Mister says

    Love his blog, but get to the point, for heaven's sake.

  18. Tom Tubbs says

    Seems to miss out on using not at a desk – something right from 2010 the iPad with the same weight could do. Not all things need two hands free – watching a video can be hands free, scrolling an article or book can be one handed (holding it with two) or scrolling a twitter feed etc. Strange to say that Apple was flipping between portable Mac and iPad lines – they are and have been separate and discrete lines, though converging over time – both developing new lines (iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro; MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook 12")

  19. Henk Poley says

    Small nitpick, the 12" MacBook is from 2015.

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