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Hidden Killers of the Victorian Home: In a genuine horror story, Suzannah Lipscomb reveals the lethal products, gadgets and conveniences that lurked in every room of the Victorian home and shows how they were unmasked.

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  1. Gary Seven says

    Corsets created the heaving cleavage. 🤔
    Victorian guys strapped their women into them and told them to go for jog around the park and then enjoyed the results.😜👍
    Pneumonia, rickets, broken ribs! Oh please stop complaining.. 😳🥵🤏🤣👍

  2. spuddy potat says

    reeeeeally hate when people talk about how awful wearing a corset was when they really mean tightlacing, which is even stated to have been practiced by a small percentage of women

  3. Michael T says

    You sure you have enough ads in this video?

  4. Frazier says

    Actually, history proved this wrong. Corsets actually gave similar support to a bra and weren't very restricting. its actually compared to a scoliosis brace and is extremely similar. I know that because I have scoliosis and wear a brace. In fact, corsets had health benefits,

  5. Lesleigh Hart says

    This is just so sad. A pregnancy corset wtf.

  6. Captain Gilligan says

    29:03 I think Mr Dr doesn't realize that 10 extra breaths p.m is much closer to 75% faster breathing rate

  7. LFM says

    "KiLlEr CoRsEtS!!"
    Bernadette Banner: Hold my needles

  8. Scorpions Oracle says

    Mmmm arsenic + black mold+ lead paint…..

  9. Scorpions Oracle says

    Mmmmm arsenic + black mold…..even better

  10. Scorpions Oracle says

    Mmmmmm arsenic

  11. Astaroth says

    Found this because of mrs. crocombe lol.. thanks YouTube algorithms

  12. Aimee Derichsweiler says

    "Everyone single room was hidden with killers"……*locks door*

  13. ꕥHoney Cloversꕥ says

    57 minutes into the comment section, and I have desided that when I can earn my own money, I'm gonna try a corset.

  14. ruzica towers says

    that red headed lady who speaks is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. shintot says

    Hoarders…. Hold my beer

  16. No Way says

    This is so good. How is this free?

  17. Nugget e says

    Yay i love this ever since I was born I've loved learning about the past whenever I find something from the 19's i would ask my parents if I could keep it anything that's old i would love it's so interesting the past is interesting because there's so much we can learn from the past like the things that where bad ^w^

  18. Tik Tok says
  19. Johnny Joestar says

    Every British person backing away from their walls rn. I really really hope my house was built after the Victorian era

  20. Haley Hirning says

    20:26 At least they got the fact about wearing a chemise right 🙄
    (edit) And did you know that Victorians and Edwardians often faked their waists? They edited photos and paintings to make it look like their waists were smaller.

  21. Angelic Alien333 says

    THIS IS THE BEST NARRATOR, for absolute history NUFF SAID

  22. Waldemar says

    Please save us from the bad anachronistic corset tropes.

  23. Alistair Mcdonald says

    That’s it I’m not buying an Edwardian or Victorian home ever ! 😱☠️😱☠️👹😱☠️👹

  24. ana sofi says

    The only deathly thing in this video is the amount of ads

  25. bong water says


  26. Andy Gitarz says

    Only just discovered this channel. Fabulous well made content. Who needs TV , Sky and all that other so called "Reality" tv
    Absolute History. Liked and subscribed … Thanks

  27. Godfrey Gloria says

    Learnt a lot today. Thanks for the information

  28. Greg Appelgren says

    I was born in 1965. I still remember my Mother purchasing a large container of Lead Soldiers for me probably 1971-72, when I was about 14 years old I set them all up across tree branches and would shoot them down with my .22 cal rifle. The ground below claimed them all. I should go find them here 40 years later with my metal detector. I can picture the current owners of that house wondering what the heck I’m doing in their yard.

  29. SimmerDown Now says

    This is us in a hundred years…but with Cellphones lol…..sad but true.

  30. [] says

    Can't wait to see an actress in the way future complaining about wearing a bra for a movie like they do with corsets

    or a movie scene were the girl takes off a bra and theres deep imprints on her shoulders and ribs 🤣

  31. Britney says

    the ads tho

  32. Antonia Schofer says

    This is the Video that made me unsubscribe. It's so obvious they did no research on the topic. This video is so dumb

  33. atrofa1913 says

    N it's still that way today ur judged by how much u got

  34. Late to the Game says

    They invented America!

  35. Coco says

    "Yet one thing will probably never disappear, the temptation to comform to an ideal of beauty, whatever the cost." And corsets and tiny unhealthy waists are becoming a trend again. We'll never learn from our mistakes.

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