1. Imperium Commenting Network says

    Its so dated its painful, but interesting

  2. Jacob Klein says

    This boomer once used Prodigy.

  3. Saber SMAW says

    Now we have fiber optic internet so fast it's 1Gb/s or faster!
    I remember going from a Boad modem to DSL an wow the speed jump was amazing, then we got cable internet and that was blazing fast till ppl were usurping the bandwith. Now Fiber optic

  4. DrPepperJunior says

    Has anyone ever told the old guy to wait? Snap snap snap hold your horses old guy

  5. J C says

    Then came AOL and Mosaic/Netscape and it began the change the way we interact with the Internet. That led the way to Yahoo and IE and eventually to Google. After that, the modern Internet began to take form.

  6. Pierre Lucas says

    The problem of Echelon is not resolved.

  7. William Inman says


  8. mic blades says

    You basically had to be a computer programmer to use the internet before the 2000's. lol

  9. Darek Tidwell says

    "Resist Much,Obey Little"

  10. The Khaki Observer says

    Its crazy to see how open arpa was with the internet and tech back then. Nasa had xoom meeting in 93 and was way ahead of its time.

  11. DanOCan says

    10:20 Poor Lisa Clark having her phone number shown on TV. I wonder how many calls she got and what she is doing today.

  12. headrushindi says

    My Ftaher in 1993: " you silly kids and your internet crap, I'm tellin you it will go nowhere, you wait and see" hehe ….sorry Dad, you lost that bet !

  13. Matthew Groen says

    9:30 – You got all these monitors on these shelves doing.. whatever.

  14. GraphicGore says

    8:15 – covid 19 has enter the chat

  15. paulkazjack says

    Oh man i feel so old watching this.

  16. Marc Jankowski says

    Watching on my iPhone 11 and listening through the ear pods pro 😂

  17. gus mueller says

    D O R K U S ! !

  18. 멘토르석사 says

    That's a really costly videocassette if you index it for inflation

  19. stormykeep says

    That first time as a kid, when you heard that modem bleep and bloop, and that connection established, you had the world at your fingertips…And most people you knew didn't even have a computer yet! Good times…

  20. frother says

    Two whole frames every second?! What will these wizards think of next?

  21. T Turner says

    They call it ARPA but right on the guys mousepad you can see DARPA @ 3:40

  22. MANO 1 // Manuel Clément says

    Me in 1996 talking to a friend: "computers do not make sense without the internet"… Friend rolls his eyes, tells me I'm crazy

  23. MANO 1 // Manuel Clément says

    This is such a good episode. Historical. Important to know where this all comes from. In 1993, I was 13 years old, and into all of this. I recognized a lot of what is shown. Thank you.

  24. Suq Madiq says

    How far have come. Dial up, broadband, satellite, streaming, shopping etc. Desk top computers, laptops, mobile devices etc. My laptop is actually liquid.. Well, the keys float in a sea of sperm.

  25. Jeffery W says

    everyone pause the video at 6:24 and dial that phone number

  26. Kenny says

    I hate the urged pace on these videos… Jumping too fast from topic to topic in a haste. Very annoying especially since we could learn a lot from these archives.

  27. GitarStu says

    One of the most interesting things I got out of this (as a non-American) was that in 1993, everyone could say Internet properly. These days it seems all American's pronounce it Innernet.

  28. Cata says

    are those news still avaible? O_O

  29. K.D.P. Ross says

    Mmmmm, early '90s Zoom at 2fps and $10/hr with all the glorious CRT flicker.

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