1. Dale Halsted says

    Sell me stuff please

  2. richardscathouse says

    LOL, I haven't been near an airport since 9/11, you know what? I don't miss it! The airlines can all go bankrupt for all I care! RIP!

  3. Dale Halsted says

    Hope your show is making you rich

  4. American Girl says

    No government bailouts with tax payer dollars for any airline. Let the Natzi airlines go out of business. Airplanes are filthy anyway. Short of wrapping myself in plastic I take every precaution. Swabs of many surfaces on the interior surfaces of an airplane show e-coli, staff bacteria -you name it. The air is recycled and full of bacteria and viruses.

  5. Sonny says

    I will never fly again.

  6. Flat 4 For Life says

    Ticket master now airlines, mark of the beast is being implemented. Soon malls, stores, schools, churches and many other institutions. Time for everyone to consider moving rural.

  7. Hippy G says

    Not just you with issues

  8. Cal Naughton Jr says

    You buy into this Covid crap too much Dave. It’s not about the so called virus, it’s about control and the revolution.

  9. Donald McCarty says

    The only true mask that will work is a mask such as a military type of gas mask for bio weapons or cs gas put it like this if u can smell anything thru a mask it won't work period I've wondered why they're not issuing gas masks as in ww2 they even have out infant masks so if it's as deadly as portrayed why not issue gas mask ???? Because it's all hype ??? Or what ???

  10. Robert Brown says

    Don't worry Dave you are no where near important enough or accurate enough to draw anybody's ire. As long as you promote the left vs right paradigm, you are doing the bidding of the very people you profess to be against.

  11. Jim Bob Shaver says

    Ditch your isp, bet the reason you’re hearing all that cross talk is because you’re using cable Internet. The thing they don’t tell you is that you share the signal with everyone in the neighborhood and you’ll only be as fast as the slowest modem in the neighborhood.

  12. Elizabeth Miller says

    I have flown for years.There was always the sniveling coughing people on the plane.I never got sick.I always avoided touching public handrail and the most important,,,,,wash your hands,,,,,,after you do you dont touch faucets or doors with your hand.I would always use a paper towel.

  13. Liz Schneider says

    That's alright Dave I don't fly either! I've never have anyways, as I have a fear of it!

  14. Chris Gagnon says

    Wear your gas mask

  15. Denim Lowe says

    Remember when the airlines made the leg room even smaller and these were the cheapest seats. I'm 5'8" tall. I had to stand up to cross my legs then sit down. I told the booking agent I have blood clot problems in my legs and I was on a blood thinner. She didn't care. Aren't airlines required to follow ADA guidelines for reasonable accommodation? I guess not.

  16. Denim Lowe says

    The globalist super rich want one world government. They want to lock us up in mini apt., seize our property and assets, and close the door to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. They want to close the door to opportunity for financial success. Only THEY get to be rich and comfortable and happy. Pretty obvious.

  17. lan vazquez says

    The fact that they are pushing this vaccine so hard should alarm people. I am not taking Bill G’s satanic 💉 ever!

  18. Maggie zemanek says

    My like button hasn't worked in over a week.

  19. Kay J says

    Stop quoting false statistics for Moderna. From Moderna " The first interim analysis was based on 95 cases, of which 90 cases of COVID-19 were observed in the placebo group versus 5 cases observed in the mRNA-1273 group, resulting in a point estimate of vaccine efficacy of 94.5%". Hardly very scientific!!

  20. Jack Black says

    Couldn't someone pay off a doctor to get a fake health pass this avoiding the 666 vaccine? What about the RFID chips in the vaccine? I don't know how that will work. There is not enough info available as yet. We will have to see. Get an RFID scanner and scan someone who has get the vacc.

  21. Gioia Pharo says

    ….. not flying ,…. This manipulation is going t fail

  22. Randyisfree free says

    The only way to protect us from a biological agent virus bacteria or any other such biological contaminant is to be wearing an NBC full face or half face gas mask with carbon filters not these paper and cloth disposable one time wear masks that also decrease your O2 intake

  23. Randyisfree free says

    These paper and cotton face masks that they're trying to have everybody wear do not protect you from any biological agent

  24. Kevin Michael says

    I think the solar powered flashlight was invented by the Polish

  25. Evelyn Waugh says

    Only Covidiots believe there is a new Virus!


    I am having the same “comms” issues , for a week to 10 days now

  27. Sunny Magnuson says

    Ask any nurse / or MD. D’LOU (dumb ass)

  28. Mike McKay says

    Cabala Harris didn’t win.

  29. Linda says

    This is the name of the company to roll out the health pass “COLOR” COLOR”

    In 2019, Color was named the sole awardee to deliver all of the genetic counseling for All of Us.[8] As the awardee, Color will customize software and tools to integrate data from all the genome centers, standardize reporting across the program, and ensure all results are returned in a unified way. This is a first year $4.6 million grant as part of a multi-year $25 million project.

    What is the ALL OF US program?
    The All of Us Research Program is a historic effort to collect and study data from one million or more people living in the United States. The goal of the program is better health for all of us. The program began national enrollment in 2018 and is expected to last at least 10 years.
    We will are be part of their research, how convenient for them. We will make them Billionaires!

  30. Ann Black says

    I and my family have to fly alot from USA to Pakistan and although the regulations r harsh I would rather deal with a health pass and covid testing than not at this present time.I have not run into any rude flight attendants and I fly all over the world.I'm sure it happens as knowone is perfect but honestly I hate the food on the plane the most because it always makes us ill more times than not and we have to fly around 24 to 27 hours so its pretty hard not to have to eat on the plane.Airlines need more hygenic foods in my opinion.I would not stress about the airlines they r doing the best they can under the circumstances.

  31. Agent 99 says

    They don’t want us to travel. Why?

  32. Ed VINCAK Jr. says

    Everything that's happening right now…..just don't fly with me!!!!!!!!

  33. CudjoeChick says

    This nonsense crap will be gone in about a month. The Trump Train is pulling in…

  34. Ariel says

    cannot access fighterflare product, even tried with a private window.

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