The 20 Best Travel Apps For Your Next Trip


Technology has made traveling abroad easier than ever.

Here’s our list of the best 20 travel apps to help make your trip a cinch!

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  1. mayra fernandez says

    Fantastic I like it! 👍🏼💖

  2. Peter Elkhuizen says

    Kan de uitleg van het systeem ook in het Nederlands.

  3. William Wendl says

    Their "top 20 travel apps"Planning your trip: 1. ICE 2. Packing Pro 3. Tripit 4. Duolingo While you're traveling: 5. On the fly (ita matrix) 6. Kayak 7. Have online app of company you are flying with 8. gateguru 9. White noise 10. audible At your destination: 11. Airbnb 12. Hostelbookers 13.couchsurfing 14. wififinder 15. findmyiphone 16. xe converterCommunicating while traveling: 17. Whatsapp 18. google voice 19. Skype 20. google translate

  4. Saakje Kraak says

    ja ik ga akkoord

  5. michiel Hagevos says

    How about polar steps…

  6. Shashin Patel says

    Hey Buddy, I would recommend you to check out this amazing Socio Travel App "Spotter". It offers a lot more while on the go. You can download it at Appstore & Playstore at

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    It would be nice if you'll could put the links of the apps in the description.

  9. Shimin Luo says

    Check it out! We are launching a new Travellers APP called To-gather! Must have APP!

  10. Mohit Jadhav says

    great video👍truly helpful thanks😉

  11. John Hopkins says

    I think you should use Local address location finder app when you are travelling to find nearest local places .Here you can find this app -

  12. Samuel Lopoua says

    Great video guys, What video software did you use for the editing ?

  13. Demetris Demetriou says

    Cyprus mobile app . special offers,events,sightseing and much more .Download it for free from google play

  14. Tim Frey says

    did you try the #social #travel #map #diary @dostappz ?

  15. Steve Miller says

    Hey Jake and Chad – cool travel app suggestions. How about counting down the days to your next vacation? This app will do that for you:

  16. boOola says

    boOola is a new and FREE mobile app that provides travelers noticeboards for EVERY PLACE ON EARTH!.From now one – every post you submit about offers, questions, tips and what not – will be exposed to all travelers around your area, or to travelers interested in that location.Check it out:

  17. locol says

    Check out locol (, it’s like a local instagram-like feed for travelers and locals to find and share cool stuff to do nearby

  18. Jonathan Ng says

    Bonjournal is the simple way to record and share your travel adventures. The app helps you easily collect all the beautiful moments, stories and pictures from your journey into a single narrative.• Create beautiful travel journals, even without internet connection.• Share your travel journals via Facebook, Twitter and email.• Export your journals to PDFs, to enjoy them forever.• Follow your friends along their journeys.• Explore the experiences of fellow travel enthusiasts.

  19. Travis Davids says

    Great video! Thank you. 

  20. Jan Souza says

    Hi, i recommend myTrip app for Android users. how works on youtube video: myTrip – Travel Organizer

  21. puppieluv416 says

    Thank you guys your the best!!! When will i get info about your book

  22. Rudy ZAVALA says

    Thanks! Very useful.

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