That's (Classic) Entertainment!


A music video/fan-vid of classic films (public domain) to the song “That’s Entertainment!” (copyright, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer).

Features clips from ‘Till The Clouds Roll By, Made for Each Other, Royal Wedding, Meet John Doe, Penny Serenade, My Man Godfrey, and His Girl Friday

*There’s also footage from Charade (which I had forgotten to credit).

  1. Tahkaullus01 says

    I hate that I was born so long after this era…but then I remember WW2 was going on and I immediately change my answer.

  2. live4entertainment says

    They just don't make'm like THAT anymore! Wonderful!!!

  3. moviejoe79 says

    Nice compilation, you did a great job with it. It's nice to see other fans of classic movies on here. When you search 'That's Entertainment' you don't get too many clips from the films themselves, but this was just as good!

  4. Joseph Scott says

    You didn't credit the Audrey Hepburn / Cary Grant movie! It was "Charade", for anyone who cares.
    Thanks for posting anyway!

  5. mrschriswalken says

    i would love it if you could make a Gene Kelly fan-vid – wasn't he soooooo handsome and with Fred Astaire the world's best dancer? cheers Angelkitty30

  6. mrschriswalken says

    I didn't see any Gene Kelly, did you put any in?

  7. cranky1chick says

    Great job on the video! I love the three "That's Entertainment" films and I think your editing segments from all into this clip was well-done.

  8. Alex Callaghan says

    Have you got a later version of this song? Just a band playing it?

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