Thato Rampedi & Mo Define Mental Health | MoTee | #DEFINING


We chat to Thato Rampedi and Mo aka MoTee about Mental Health and explore the implications it has on their relationship!

Feel free to share your views on Mental Health and what has helped you on your journey #DEFINING #RoadTo100K

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  1. Walerato Veronica says

    Yoh the process of unlearning is the most challenging thing hey? like understanding your childhood traumas and how they are affecting your relationships(friendships,romantic etc) is definitely sth that’s hard to do. Personally I’ve started writing down my feelings and why I’m feeling that way. The things that trigger me and I’m constantly trying to find ways to educate myself on my feelings and how to deal with them in a healthy way. Also being vulnerable and admitting that you do have a problem is definitely one of the most important steps in your mental health journey. I was actually having a bad day and this video just reminded me how it’s so important to prioritize on my mental health. Thank you Dennis for this❤️

  2. Sipho Mapfumo says

    Thato was spitting. Yoh 🙌🏾

  3. Betty Khanyisile says

    This girl is pretty yhoo😭😭😭😍😍😍😍

  4. Moipone Poho says

    Definitely need to do some unlearning.

  5. Junior Molepo says


  6. Zulu.malebz says

    I love it here 🥺

  7. Mamaneontshi chats says

    "Never undermine somebody's situation" is such an important statement . We need to stop putting value on people's pains and experiences. This is such a necessary conversation 👏👏👏 Mental health awareness is super important and not a taboo or problem like Mo said

  8. Sebolelo Mndaweni says

    My favs!!! Thank youuu for this!!!!

  9. Melissa Gitau says

    Never minimize people's problems and have respect with people's pace when it comes to dealing with whatever issues their are going through. Bam!!!

  10. Ms Aphane says

    I define mental health as either a positive or negative thinking process. Ones level of change or transformation is dependent on their enlightenment and awareness.

    Never undermine or disregard other peoples feelings. What i have learned in life is each person has their own individual experiences and we actually think we understand each other but no.
    Loved the topic.

  11. holly molly says

    #MoTee 😍😍😍😍😍

  12. Dumisile Ngomane says

    Mo is beautiful. Effortless so 😍😍

  13. Lethabo Kau says

    How do I like/thumps up this more than once?🥺

  14. Keamogetse Chube says

    Love the content from this channel❤

  15. Molelekwa Ledwaba says

    🫀heartfelt truths. Fav YouTube couple halala🙌🏿loved how genuine this was.

  16. Mabunda Makungu says

    Mental health is not a journey nor a destination. It is not an upbringing, this couple be lying😂 nice try though

  17. Daisy Makgatho says

    I'm just happy to be here

  18. Nosphiwe Mkhabela says

    When they started talking about a safe space 😭😭
    Honestly, people find it easy to preach "communicate" but can't create a safe space for the other person to communicate.

  19. Mwewa Bwalya says

    Loved this!

  20. Bestina Mamabolo says

    This reminds me of a sermon called FORGIVENESS UNIVERSITY BY TRANSFORMATION CHURCH. 😭😭mental health is so necessary and it all starts with forgiving ourselves for what we’ve gone through

  21. Mots'elisi Sekonyela says

    The way Thato defined mental health (in terms of upbringing and learning how you deal with your childhood traumas)💥💥😢😢😢💔

  22. Reabetswe Malata says

    This video came at a perfect time. Been going through so much lately almost to a point of giving up, but after watching this I've regained the bit of hope I had lost. Thank you!

  23. Zandi Buckland says

    Welcome back. I’ve missed you guys so much. Where is D man is he doing well? Great episode.

  24. shelly ? says

    excuse me???? mo is ridiculously beautiful. and her disposition is so mesmerising 🥰🥺

  25. Andiswa Hliso says

    Thank you so much for this 👏👏❤❤❤

  26. Nomvelo Msibi says

    I literally went 10 seconds back 😂loved this thank you ❤️❤️❤️✨

  27. Phemelo M says

    “Push don’t force.”

  28. Keitumetse Molapisi says

    Y'all are glowing 😍🔥🔥👏👏

  29. Indy Benzi says

    Loved this conversation! Very helpful❤️ #MoTee

  30. Ngasii Katushabe says

    An amazing video🔥❤ we LOVE MoTee in this house🙌🏽 thank you DEFINING🙏🏽

  31. Just Siye says

    Did I not sing the MoTee theme song😭😭😂

  32. Yogi Sings says

    tip for anxiety attacks at night
    watch an ASMR video (use your earphones ) they have helped me a lot, especially the ones where the Asmrist tells a story or something like that.
    Hope it helps !

  33. Kamva Mhlana says

    This is so important. I've learnt a lot about myself once I took my mental health seriously. People tend to undermine what others are going thru and that can affect how you trust others with your issues and can also affect how you open up with others. Mental health definitely is a journey and not a destination. It takes daily growth and daily motivation thru out each day.

  34. Yogi Sings says

    love them, love the show

  35. Palesa Bontle says

    Sooooo much wisdom in this video😭😭❤

  36. Basetsana Lingwati says

    Thato SPOKE FACTS 🥺

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