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Hey guys,
Today we are trying out viral hacks by 5 minute crafts.
All the viral life hacks we see on internet don’t work as per our expectations.
So we are going to try all those hacks and see which work and which one don’t.

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Testing Out Viral Food Hacks from 5 Minute Crafts:

Eating Junk Food for 24 hours:

Eating Red Food for 24 hours:

Liquid Food for 24 hours:

Eating Fruits for 24 hours:

Eating Chocolate food for 24 hours:

Eating pink food for 24 hour:

Eating Golgappa for 24 hours:

Letting the person in front of us decide What we eat for a day:

Eating PIZZA for 24 hours:

Goa Vlog:

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Anukriti & Swikriti

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  2. Ghulam rasool Qureshi says

    Koch or Hi Kar lo 5 mintcraftKA picha chordo unti

  3. Vinita ojha says

    Anukriti di is laughing like👹

  4. Shreya Adhikari says

    Which app do u use for editing

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    I never get heart from life shot

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    Please give a heart i believe you can

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    When she was eating ice cream sandwiches l was frizzing she was eating but l was frizzing 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Nilima Naik says

    Mishra twins please do hair colouring hacks😀

  13. Sunita Rai says

    I think woah ice cream cookie ko katne ke liye aapko knife 🔪 ko garam kar ke katna chahiye tha woh better hota

  14. Aaditya Soni says

    I love your videos. You both are amazing👍👍

  15. Shashi Kandoi says

    Di please do types of people during lockdown

  16. Curtains of Creativity says

    please change the music of the intro

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    Pleas3 ap apni video editing kese keti ha or konse app se or intro or outro kes3 banatu ha or konse app se pleasee

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    Anukriti your top is so beautiful

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    My. Family. Is. Mishra family

  21. Bhavin Shah says

    Please do living in a room for 24 hours

  22. Renuka Takale says

    Please please give me a heart swikriti di and anukriti di

  23. Sidhu Gajji says

    Hack 3 was good 👍

  24. rashi catch life says

    Meri taraf we last wala hach fail hai

  25. Bhavana Chhayani says

    Plz make a life hack video

  26. ASHA SINGH says

    Ye video me jitna bhi hack h all are my favourite

  27. Haridav parsad Parsad says

    You are gujarati???? 🙁🙁

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    Plzzzzz make Taking Angela 3am part 2

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