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The Teens react and discuss fashion of the 1980’s!

Created and Directed by Benny & Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)
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Valley Village, CA 91617-4324
This episode featured the following teenagers.
Olivia, age 14
Rae, age 14
Troy, age 14
Everhet, age 15
Jeordy, age 17
Kaelyn, age 17
Rachel, age 18
Sam, age 18
Adam, age 19
Madison, age 19
Tom, age 19
Music by: Cormac Bluestone

Teens React #78 – Teens React to 80’s Fashion

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  1. Stanley B says

    I want those pants haha idk how to spell it

  2. NotJo says

    My dad made me wear 80's style clothing in the early 90's. I wore cut off jeans that went to the middle of my thigh and shirts with no waist. (Imagine top gun) Then I wore those patterned zoom pants and neon shirts.

  3. Eirn Rickey says

    “OH NO I HATE THE 80’S” me:🔫😵

  4. XCマディモノ says

    little did the know that 80's fashion is cool now

  5. Cow Girl Playz says

    me watching this years later and seeing scrunchies: aNd I oOp sKssKkSkssKksKsKSkK

  6. diego villaseñor garagarza says

    Jeordy: Bothering the 80sMe: Someone is dying today!!!!!

  7. Aces FN says

    i was born in the 80's but i was never in this kinds of clothing. Maybe if i had been born in the 70's i would have been able to make my own decisions on what to wear in the 80's

  8. Potato Puff says

    The kids on this video: “This is terrible, it needs to be burned!”Me: dying because I love the 80’s

  9. Jessica Reyes says

    They know nothing about fashion… 😭😭

  10. Texas Born says

    Show guys 80s fashion

  11. Arun K Raj says

    30 years Later These Bullies Dress Got to be outdated..

  12. Arun K Raj says

    These Aint Teenage Kids , They ought to be Real life Bullies. 👍

  13. Random Gay Boy says

    urggg… it looks like a bunch of highlighters through up in hereBTW i love love love the 80s but i coundnt stop laughing when i heard this

  14. Lil Porky says

    7:03 "You can see everything!"Exactly.

  15. •***Dank AnimationStudio**• says

    All the people who have studied 80s and 70s aesthetic clothing be like: 👁👄👁

  16. ludger will gaster says

    I dressed in black in the 80s

  17. ludger will gaster says

    All better than pants hanging down under wear showing

  18. Bronxguygunhillrd says

    That’s the extreme 80’s

  19. natsuka i says

    I love 80s fashion😍

  20. c h e r l y n says

    Funny how girl that doesn’t like 80s fashion but she suits those clothes a LOT. SHE IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL.

  21. Edith Covarrubias says

    2 0 2 0?

  22. Reyna_Gacha says

    I am 10 and i have an 80s style 🙂

  23. Tim Huguenin says

    I hate that they’re called fanny packs. That means a totally different thing in every other country. But then again Australian men wear thongs so I shouldn’t complain.

  24. dasichsyndrom1 says

    fanny packs was wirred in the 80 and hold on in the 2010s noo fuck noo please noo go back to the 80s

  25. Galaxy girl says

    Fanty packs are pretty useful I actually own two of them

  26. Hadassah de Haas says

    i loved the breakfast club reference at the end

  27. TheSlytherinQueen says

    Jackets with shoulder pads amaze them, guess they never had school blazers then (yes I know american schools don't have uniforms). Getting Mr Motivator memories

  28. Saw Bones says

    Just look up Twisted Sister!!

  29. Dog Town says

    The girl in the top row on the end is Jennie buller Ferris Bueller’s sister

  30. William Teal says

    Hippies? That was the 60's and 70's was John Travolta in Saturday night fever. Disco

  31. anime .shipper says

    How did i never see this video in 5 years at least i get to see it now

  32. George Alexander says

    That’s like asking me about 1940s fashion. I would have said those people looked really spiffy back then.

  33. GlitzyGrace says

    I want to slap the girl that said she hates the 80’s

  34. 80s angel says

    These kids angered me so much oh my god

  35. 80s angel says

    The girl who said I hate the 80s is officially my enemy


    NOOO I HATE THE 80s Me: offended 😂😂

  37. Access Denied says

    The 80s hates you to Joerdy .. thank gosh you weren't born. Snotty nosed child.

  38. Xx_dookiesplash play'z_xX MLG says

    the 80s is the best decade ever

  39. Christian Gil Case says

    Ig or full name of rachel pls

  40. Abdullah Khalid says

    As someone who was born in middle 90s I feel attached to that era

  41. Dizzy Izzy says

    Omg this is so old

  42. maggie morris says

    The 80's when the women had clothes on. When we had real friends we hanged out and talked with face to face when the kids showed some respect to their elders ,when the music and the fashion was funny when the teens girls looked their age.

  43. Daniel says

    Yeah the 80s are so cool

  44. Poyyy Vlogs says

    i so Love the 80's.. I love the jackets and musicccccccccccc 🙂

  45. China Andronicus says

    I love this girl who doesn't realize skinny jeans didn't originate this century.

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