Switzerland v USA [Highlights] – FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019™


Switzerland held off the USA in an 8-6 victory in what was a thrilling match to open up Group A play.

Follow all the action from Paraguay across FIFA’s platforms:

  1. Dark. scenes3578 says

    beach soccer is not real football

  2. Adriel Rodriguez says

    Suisa nisiquiera tiene mar

  3. Jasper/Miles/Walter says


  4. Broinonen says

    Stankovic is a Beast

  5. Sebas Morillo says


  6. the face says

    Where was the u.s. 3rd goal ?

  7. elvis chan says

    USA goalkeeper sucks

  8. Tsurugi ARG says


  9. Дарья Чубарова says

    Congratulations to Switzerland from Russia.

  10. Weird Dude says

    My pick vs my country……

  11. antoine jesus says

    thats what happen for robing el salvadir

  12. 73秒に1人の美男。 says


  13. Mateus De lima says

    O Brasil joga essa copa ? 🇧🇷

  14. Timothy Leslie Templeton says


  15. Hernán Guzmán says

    That Stankovic is who also plays normal soccer?

  16. Agra Satwika says

    Paraguay is not have sea😁😁😁😁

  17. Benoît Ulysses Caloca says

    Juan Cervantes debió ser titular.

  18. Redmailnet says

    Leopoldo… Dos Santos… Is this US or Brazil B?

  19. Rhadachy Wakiyama says

    The goalkeeper swizterland goal beautiful ⚽️🇨🇭

  20. Rhadachy Wakiyama says

    Let's go Swizterland 🇨🇭

  21. WantedAmmo says

    Where can we watch this? I remember watching matches on Eurosport…

  22. Tina Mahankuda says

    Very intresting game Love form india 🇮🇳

  23. ThatLexx says

    Emm this Is new 🤣🤣Beaches in switzerland 🤣lol

  24. Fahim ahmed says

    which chenel

  25. HaZe FiT 89 says

    Lovely goals…i love beach soccer.

  26. Tanner Poole says

    So many goals lol

  27. Jerfeson Peçanha says

    Brazil the champions

  28. A.K.A Bélico says

    Eso está bueno El Salvador hubiera hecho aún más en ese partido pero USA le robó la clasificación eso se llamaba karma los falsos representante de la CONCACAF

  29. sicave says

    They have no visitors😮 the should have advertised better because beachsoccer on this level is really enjoyable.

  30. Sebastian Orozco says

    Where is USA 3th goal?

  31. Frad nan says

    no hay imposibles.. paraguay sin playas y organizando un mundial de playa masculino d mayores suerte a todos… la pregunta del millón, hemos clasificado?? la rpta creo que es no

  32. Ivanhoe Sanchez says


  33. Carlos Jose says

    Desde 🇧🇷 …belo jogo 🇨🇭vs🇺🇸

  34. Ivann Zavala says

    Go Switzerland 🇨🇭

  35. Rem Rens says

    USA would have had a chance if they had a goalkeeper…

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