Surprising my Best Friends with their Dream Car and Racing them For $10,000


I can’t believe I surprised my best friend with their dream car!

After Rebecca Zamolo 24 Hours Trapped with Best Friend inside Movie Theater in Our New House, Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Spying On My Wife in Disguise For 24 Hours! Crashing Date with Crush using Hacks and Girls Struggles” The Real Game Master created “Last to Leave Tiny House Wins It and $10,000!”, then the Game Master Incorporated posted “Coke and Mentos Experiment to Win Tiny Safe House!.” Now Matt needs to get everyone back on his side to trust him. So today he is surprising 4 of his best friends with dream cars. Matt and Rebecca take each one into the garage and reveal the huge surprise which turns into a prank. Since they hit 4 million subscribers this is the best time. Agent R isn’t upset because he can still win $10,000. Next show Zoe the big surprise. She gets Mad but likes it better than the scooter. Matt can’t prank his wife but she is happy because they don’t have to buy everyone a giant car. Agent R can’t keep a secret so there is no reveal for Agent S. Next is the time trial and the best time wins. Rebecca makes everyone dress up in their Mario Kart disguises. Round 2 is through the house and around the pool. Rebecca picks up a water balloon and finds the best hiding spot for it. Agent R is pushed into the pool by Zoe so they are out. Final round is down the hill of no return. Who will win and can Rebecca and Matt find the final device to the missing key? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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  1. Matt and Rebecca says

    Please Subscribe!

  2. Jason Lim says

    Maybe spider man note:Rebaca

  3. Monica Jeffrey says

    Girls will win



  5. Norman Miguel Hipolito says

    Ahahahahahah l laugh so much

  6. jay Moore says

    I have your merch

  7. Gary Owen says

    I think Rebecca would win

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  11. Unicorn Candy says

    Congrats!!!!!! I forgot a word

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    Hey it was my birthday this day it was posted

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    What kind of video is this this is seriously Power Wheels like this comment if you agree

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    Well i check my back up f i have a barcode and i have one on my arm???

  21. CourtneyOnTheMove Move says

    love you rebecca
    and matt

  22. Lana Khalil says

    Get mad and Rebecca to 5 million subscribers

  23. Nevaeh Huerta says

    What is agents are favorite movie

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  25. Shawndalynn Bishop says

    Me Matt

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    That was funny

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    that video was awsome and you and matt are a cute couple

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    Is it cool

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    Ive been subscribed for seven years.-.

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    Or my little pony


    Maybe his favorite movie is barbie

  39. Payton Cannon says

    Agnet r's favrote movie is probaly "home"

  40. FortRayn says

    Yes I’m did

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