1. ExoGaming 469 says

    When putin squares up

  2. gucher khawjaajam says

    Sf 5

  3. Foodiecutie says

    When sf2 came out in the arcade, we still used to get so scared in Zangiefs stage. Now its not the Cold War or anything close to that, so its just a reminiscent of that scary time as the remix illustrates to the listener.

  4. Lukinhas Ramos says


  5. wellington_crd e seus amigos says

    Nice remix.

  6. Lucy Gallardo says

    Made in England Luka Stage

  7. OmegaLucario says

    is this where they got zangief's theme for sf IV

  8. Ephraim225 says

    Probably the only good song in the HD Remix. Nice.

  9. Jackingsworth says

    Dat Bass…

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