Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – Battlefield Music Glitch CRASHES The Game!


There was a new glitch discovered today in which causes Super Smash Bros Ultimate to crash. It only works with the Battlefield Stages as well as Final Destination.

Credit to GameXplain

Credit to linkendo


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  1. Master0fHyrule says

    Have fun with this small glitch until it gets patched!

  2. rosa /diego Sanchez /merino says

    I found a glitch that includes banjo and king k rool and banjo map and his final smash

  3. Finley Hadlow says


  4. Chase Wakelin says

    I’ve had this randomly happen last weekend lmao

  5. Bee Stahl says


  6. Chompy Toyland says

    He got a glitch Stage we need to update

  7. Mr. Shek says

    By the way, it works in the Background Matchmaking thing on Quickplay.

  8. Deborah Hernandez says

    The other challenge video have 10000 like so what’s the new challenge

  9. J-F1GHT3R! says

    I just got it!

  10. Nathan Crane says

    Why do you have to put crash bandicoot in the thumbnail? That just makes all the crash fans think he's confirmed for Smash

  11. Agustín Hernández Rivas says

    Everyone: Wow that’s a cool glitch
    Crash fans: Cash Banooca

  12. mariosonic957 says

    Just a suggestion Everyone gets into Captain Falcon's Final Smash and Mewtwo's Final Smash. Those are the Final Smashes against Everyone you haven't done before. 🙂

  13. Ali Ghanim says


  14. theprimegamer says

    oh shit, crash confirmed from game crashes

  15. The stars Soll says

    I really want crash bandicoot to join smash ultimate.

  16. Nuahs T says

    but why, why would you do that?

  17. TheMariokid05 says

    Oh no

  18. Axis Red / Chromaffinity says

    Infinite assist trophies? Glitched faces? Half-metal characters? No, leave it to the MUSIC for a crash!

  19. XXshadowman9000XX says

    It didn't happen to me

  20. Carl Koopa says

    So many Crash in smash jokes

  21. Pokémon hero Of justice says

    Why is this a thing

  22. Ultra gamer says

    Amazing glitch!

  23. Ultra gamer says

    The glitch is cool

  24. Ultra gamer says

    Cool glitch

  25. Ultra gamer says

    I understand the thumbnail

  26. Trami Nguyen says

    What happen to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game?

  27. Sonic At Night says
  28. Joshua Smith says

    How to Avoid Glitch: Don't Pause
    Select All

  29. Laura Hernandez says

    Lol!!! Have a Crashing day to you too! Ba dum psshh! 😂😂😂

  30. F. B. I. says

    Everyone: Lol funny glitch


  31. Stev Jerome says

    Hmmm how it will be super Smash Bros with Rayman and Crash Bandicoot 🤔

  32. Xxblade17 says


  33. Maxlotwo Mikey 1.0 says

    You don't need to pause it
    Edit: I tried doing it again and it for some reason it's not without me pausing it I swear I activated the glitch without pausing but maybe I'm just remembering it wrong.

  34. Eric The Genius says

    I call this Super Crash Bros

  35. Sauce guy says

    It works

  36. Ulises Games says

    Crash bandicoot in a thumbnail

  37. inserte nombre says

    Crash in the game!

    When i see Small battlefield i say: What is this, why?

  38. Giratina says


  39. Isaac Morales says

    Oh my god!

  40. MrEnte3000 says

    They also need to fix, that the My Music settings don't work anymore on Final Destination and the Battlefields.

  41. TheNewBec says


  42. Jovermask says

    The best glitch ever!

  43. Finley Hadlow says

    Nice thumbnail

  44. JB Awesome Videos says

    Oooo a glitch

  45. Bibarel says

    N O I C E

  46. David Díaz says

    Eso yo ya lo sabia

  47. Sinarix Farjat Xnoverse says

    Hello bro, is Nice You Video 🙂

  48. SK Boi says

    Well maybe cuz the game likes the music and won't let u play the game without the music 😂😂😂

  49. Spong e says

    Nintendo must be hinting at crash getting in the game, it’s about time!

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