Super Cool…! Cooking Food With 5 Big Chicken in Village | Chicken Bok Recipes


Hello all audiences, today I want to showing you about Hello all audiences, today I want to showing you about Super Cool…! Cooking Food With 5 Big Chicken in Village and Khmer People always call that Kong Keb Bok but in here we are make Chicken Bok Recipes, it’s very Strange because in my village never make chicken bok before they just know kong keb bok like you seen in the past video. Now in here we are change from frox to chicken and we have 6 chicken and we are slice one chicken to make ingredients for add into the 5 chickens to make good flavor.

Chicken Bok is very special food in my family or my village, and it’s the first time in village that cook that’s food like this. After we are add all ingredients to other chicken we need heat it with the sun about 30 minutes to make it alitle bit dry and it well be good smell while we are fried it.

– 6 Chickens
– Sugar
– Seasoning
– Chilli
– Dry Chilli
– Rice noodle
– Lemongrass
– Lime Leaves
– Garlic
– Peanut
– RosDee Powder
– Galangar

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  1. guilupou panmei says

    look yummy😏

  2. Mary Lima says

    O May Good

  3. Coohchen says

    food is a family thing…i realy enjoyd this video and now i want fried chichen 🙂

  4. نونه العراقيه says

    يييييييع حته مصارين الدجاح تاكلونه 😷

  5. seema Mukhia says

    Looks so yummy

  6. Elena Bravo says

    ya tengo hambre con tantas bendiciones de DIOS y una tierra productiva solo a veces la bagueria solo para discriminacion todo en mundo come y tiene abre ya les viera si en la guerra o como venezuela ver si no comen un fuerte abrazo desde ECUADOR

  7. Asief Safie says

    8:08 my God what is that kid doing?

  8. leidy laura machado says

    Que rico

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  11. Danielle Borges says

    Nesse exato momento gostaria de ser essa garotinha com um delicioso frango na mão 😂😂😂

  12. Rubens C. Soares says

    Brasil. ótimo vídeo.

  13. Luisa Hernandez says

    Muy buen provecho linda familia!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Selena Le & Healthy Lifestyle says

    looks amazing, thank for sharing, really love cambodia foods now

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  20. هاجر الشربيني says

    thes is a anhealsy😖😱

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  22. somalai កខគឃងចឆ phunកខគឃងចឆ says

    ធម្មជាតិទាំងអស់ម៉ង ឆ្ងាញ់ណាស់

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  25. Khmer New Song says

    Khmer good

  26. Khushnoor Sakhe says

    Khushnoor sakhe

  27. ayush patel says

    Pagal family no eat meat

  28. Khiên Đỗ says

    Thèm vãi

  29. Loretta Huff says

    Beautiful family

  30. ItsLaserfish Gaming says

    When there cooking the chicken where cooking chicken too and when the girl eats the chicken where eating chicken too

  31. Safetyleed Nkom says

    You need to add some more oil..

  32. I Love Khmer Chenal says

    wow so hungry

  33. Jet Lim says

    Good chichen recipe. I will try it.

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  35. Veasna Sambath says

    looking happy and yummy food

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