Suaoki BKV3000 Wireless Bike Computer with Cadence Sensor


This is the latest video of Suaoki BKV3000.

More details:

We know it might be complicated to some especially if you’re new to using a cycling computer. Therefore, this video teaches you on how to install Suaoki’s Cycling Computer in several simple steps. This unit is water resistant and use 2.4G wireless digitally coded data transmission to effectively track the most important cycling information such as current/max/average speed and cadence/RPM of your crank arm, as well as trip time and distance right at your fingertips. We have also included extra functions – a stop watch, calorie counter, imperial/metric unites and even a scan function, which cycles through all info and stats automatically, meaning you don’t have to fiddle with buttons to see what you want while riding.

  1. DKELLOWAY5377 Kelloway says

    Video is seriously lacking !!

  2. Subhan Jaya Nugraha says

    My cadence sensor doesn't work. It only work if stick together with the speed censor.

  3. Alex Zalez says

    I bought it and since January I did 1035km… today no signal from the sensors… I tried with new batteries from both, nothing. Some rare spot of speed for few seconds. Stop. What can I do? There's is the possibility to redo pairing without losing all the odo recorded ?

  4. Julian df says

    Is there a wheel size list like the video

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