Street Food in Malaysia – EXPLOSIVE Curry BUN FACTORY + FASTEST COCONUT Cutting Skills NINJA!!!


Get ready for some GIANT EXPLOSIVE Curry Buns and a Street Food tour ROAD TRIP to Melaka, Malaysia for street food!!!
►More Street Food in Malaysia (
Today we’re bringing you for a ROAD TRIP Street Food tour to Melaka, Malaysia and bringing you for 4 INCREDIBLE Street Foods that we find along the way!!!

Get ready for some of the MOST delicious street food in Asia!! Malaysia has some incredible street food, including Indian street food, Chinese street food, and Malay street food, and Melaka is on another level of street food!!!

Today, I’m (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) traveling along with my wife Ting and bringing you in for a FULL ON street food tour of Melaka, Malaysia!

Today we’re bringing you in for 4 street foods! And first up, we’re stopping at a local town along the way, Port Dickson! Here, we found an AMAZING Indian street food fish head curry!
►Deen’s Fish Head Curry
Jln Dato’ K. Pathmanaban, Bandar Port Dickson, 71000 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

After this , we’re bringing you in for an EXPLOSIVELY delicious CURRY BUN!!! This has to be the MOST UNIQUE food in Asia, so delicious and jiggly and huge!!!
►Restaurant name: Lucky King Bun 好運麵包王
4366, Jalan Besar, Taman Port Dickson, 71010 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

And then after this, we’re arriving in Melaka and going for 2 more street foods.

First, we’re bringing you for a coconut shake! But this one here is made with the FASTEST knife cutting SKILLS ninja in the world! you need to see the speed of this!!!

And next up, to finish up, we’re bringing you for a VERY FAMOUS Melaka Street food, the ASAM PEDAS!
Shop Name: Asam Pedas Tanjak Sonsang
Address: Jalan Bukit Baru, Bukit Baru, 75150 Melaka

I hope you enjoyed this food video!


I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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  1. The Food Ranger says

    Hey guys!!! I hope you enjoy the video!! We are safe and sound at home in Kuala Lumpur now, and have 3 awesome videos from Melaka that we shot before the newest lockdown which went into place about a month ago. I hope you enjoy these upcoming videos and are staying safe and healthy! We are at home and recently got a puppy!! As soon as we can safely travel again to shoot more videos, we will, but for now enjoy these next 3 videos from Melaka, I hope you enjoy them!!!

  2. Benji Byte says

    Gulai boh tok yu lemak maneh .. perghhhh.. the undisputed heavenly flavour for me!!

  3. Quan Rijard says

    Come to Perak…

  4. Blue Ray says

    Roti kare nya sepertinya enak banget 😁😁😁

  5. A H says

    Dude you really need to learn how to eat NOODLES..It's irritating to see you eating NOODLES

  6. The Travelling Wok says

    My family is malaysian chinese and I have been there 3 times already, been to Penang, KL and Melaka, very cool place to eat and explore! P.S Trevor James please make a Mmmmm T-shirt for us long time fans for years becaus ei am pretty sure that is the most used word u say!

  7. Kenny Yeo Keng Chow says

    Hey food ranger !

    If you're willing, I would love to take you for a 24 hours of food hunting in Kepong/Selayang/Jinjang (Kuala Lumpur) !

    Most of the vendors started younger than my parents and all still maintains the beautiful flavor. Will totally smack your palette

    Connect with me through .

  8. Take Food says

    Ohhhh you're doing great…..

  9. The Mighty Spoon says

    You’re really not selling Malaysia to me with all this fish head curry, really doesn’t look too nice to be honest 😂… and the tin foil sandwich didn’t help redeem things much either!

  10. The space Man says

    And this is the cleanest kitchen I've ever seen him in

  11. The space Man says

    He is so fake and awkward

  12. Putra Ahmad says

    Malacca my hometown❤️,tq sir for visit this historical cities🥰👍🏻

  13. D_M_V 4Life says

    Your reaction never get old

  14. Matt B says

    A little fly flavor too. 10:32

  15. Psycho Taki says

    Sadly, not all malaysian could eat all of these foods cuz some are not halal. 😔

  16. Demons Chaos says

    Nampak sedap nampak sedap nampak sedap!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 im dead!! I love your video bro!! Amazing!! 😊😊😊😊😊

  17. Ecalleros323 Ecalleros323 says

    It’s great too see you guys back out there.

  18. eyemanzul says

    nampak sedap. nyum2

  19. 11madeye11 says

    Hope u go for a Johor trip. Nasi biryani gam (Batu pahat), breakfast Mee rebus and satay (Muar), mee bandung, asam pedas, murtabak (Singapore ver; diff to KL style), laksa johor (made of spaghettis), johor style yong tau fu (Soup base not sauce based), otak2 (different breed to KL, higher quality, diff flavor profile between Malay and Chinese tho).

  20. Jahan Nowshin says

    Did you finish the whole fish??

  21. Ren Lerose says

    Speak Malay and just see the kindness that goes toward you.. The cheap high quality food is one thing and then there also the warmness of the peoples there ! Peace

  22. Kuro Yukihira says

    Making me drooling over all these food. That bun is definitely a King 👑

  23. ks vaishnavi says

    The fish head curry looks so similar to sambhar minus the fish head and the fact that they eat it with papadam too😌

  24. dubbadare says

    Is Sedap the new Enak ?

  25. Mrs khurram says

    Nice and tastey food

  26. Budak Ribena says

    i saw adib there

  27. sunil kumar says

    I am your big fan
    Love from india 🇮🇳
    Heart pls

  28. Hiya Achal says

    First in Pakistan now in Malaysia (TRIED TO PAY BUT FREE)


    i hope u come to cambodia

  30. Dev Gupta says

    this one does a Frankenstein impersonation when he likes the curry

  31. askwhatz says

    so hungyyyyy.. omg..

  32. Souparna Chakraborty says

    Same type of foods are getting repetitive…fish head curry from last 20 videos…time to travel a bit more Trevor!

  33. Ramsey Elmachtoub says

    How many people swallow foil while eating those buns?…. idk if I'm down

    Looks tasty though

    And there is water in your shake

    Thats what ice is ranger.. :/

    You should have a 1 to 3 rating, since you never rate anything under 7

  34. Anna Abd Kadir says

    oh how i wish lucky king bun is halal. I really wanna try that. looks delish TT^TT

  35. Ramsey Elmachtoub says

    Please don't say "oh wow" to everything like Weins

  36. Rowshan Chowdhury says

    Love from Bangladesh… 🇧🇩❤️

  37. Ian Kirwan says

    looked like a facehugger when it was opened up

  38. Khairil Izhan Azizan says

    15:05 Hebat orang Melaka tunjuk skill. Keturunan Hang Tuah la ni 😂

  39. Street Food Capital says

    Wow🌿❤️ Nice video🌺

  40. P R says

    Dirty pillows

  41. Klach Transnational says

    U should change ur shirt to "nampak sedap"
    "Sangat sedap" then it meet your requirement..hahaha

  42. sidek ahmad says

    Nampak Sedap.

  43. Steph Hojicha says

    Love the Malaysian series!!! Im Malaysian but have not eaten all the food here. Malaysian curry is definitely one of the best in the world! Love coconut shake 😍

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