1. UnknownVoid says

    Dude, i just saw your channel just now and watch u play just this first episode and its amazing. You deserve much more subscribers, subscribing is the least i can do! Best of luck

  2. Ceceli says

    20:33 – yeah, amazing game…. RNG at its best. Not for me.

  3. Anubisrunner08 says

    the map how its part black and has them constant changing square shapes is HORRIDwhy can they just open it all up man and be done with the eye sore

  4. Ina Georg says

    Oh i love this game, ii cant wait to play <3


    Nice Yang watermark.

  6. Alex Saenz says

    Can you gain access to closed beta if you pledge right now?

  7. Enclave Trooper says

    Yang 2020, are you joking?

  8. Microphunktv says

    omfg savepoints? i thought it's Roguelike… ; (

  9. Artem Golyakov says

    I'll buy the game as soon as early access is opened!

  10. That Guy says

    27:40 needs some balancing. so an archer shoots as fast as the enemy can run at you, literally 1 shot per 1 m running? not even legolas was that good

  11. Nicola Void says

    just discovered this game, gorgeous , cant wait for full release. Definitely going to buy and play it on my channel ! congrats man !

  12. baby boy says

    you probably know this but use space to skip tuns or move time forward wen you need people to move out the way. thank you for this video.

  13. famalam says

    makes me wish I'd opted for a higher kickstarter pledge

  14. Doom2299 says

    Thanks for putting this up. This game looks great.

  15. Henry Gao says

    How can I get access to this game? Cant seems to purchase it on kickstater

  16. Dazza says

    Played the prologue ages ago and I'm liking the look of this. I plan on buying into EA when it releases on steam in November.When you blocked yourself chasing the boar.. lol

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