Stars of "The Goldbergs," talk men's fashion!


Sean Giambrone, Kenny Ridwan, Sam Kindseth (From The Goldbergs) dish on their favorite foods, fashion, and all things fun!

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  1. X7Planeatol42 ATOL says

    It weird to see Dave Kim without a turtleneck

  2. Maine Individual says

    It's odd. Sometimes his hair is kinky curly yet other times it's straight. Not one of them in the family has an actual 80s hair style

  3. neve campbell1010 says

    SEan is absolutly adorable.

  4. Unknown says

    These kids remind me of my little brothers when we were younger! I love this show.

  5. Brittany Schettino says

    Omg can I just marry Sean now??? 😍😍😍😍😍

  6. Layla Bishop says

    2:01 xD 2:10 LOL

  7. surf life says

    What's the song in the background

  8. One Sense Diversity says

    i luv sean

  9. Rain Drifter says

    What will Sean sound like when his voice breaks??

  10. hayden nguyen says

    I thought they said red carpet tits instead of tips

  11. Anna May says

    Kenny kind of reminds me of Keith Ape, he has a cute little face.

  12. MochiHamster35 AJ says

    I'm also so dead that Sean's voice is the exact same in real life

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