SPICY JENGA CHALLENGE | Spicy Snacks Eating Challenge | Food Eating Competition | Viwa Food World


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Hello friends..! In this video we both brothers are going to do Spicy Jenga Challenge. In our upcoming vlogs we are gonna do lots of different food challenges and it will be the real fun to watch. So, stay connected to watch awesome food eating challenges and many more. If you like this Spiciest Snacks Eating Challenge Video then hit that Like button and do share this video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

SPICY JENGA CHALLENGE | Spicy Snacks Eating Challenge | Cheetos Flamin Hot Challenge | Lays Chips Challenge | Viwa Food World | Viwa Brothers

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  1. Viwa Food World says

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  2. BHARATH 7 says

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  3. Ganesh Bhandari says

    Hi, aakash and vishwa and all the people who have seen this comment you all know that all the world is fighiting from covid-19 specally i want to thank you aakash and vishwa for entartaning all of us in this situration also love you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ aakash and vishwa and we all pray for all doctor, nurse and social workers and stay safe stay at home.

  4. rk. world says

    Third round is best

  5. Kavya Parekh says

    Akash bhai tu kitne phone karta hai

  6. daily post Tech says

    Bro zolo chips se challenge kero #

  7. Ganesh Bhandari says

    Aakash and vishwa you both are so funny😁😁😁 . Me and my family love to see your both channels viva food world and viva brothers. Me and my family pray for your 10million subcribers☺️☺️☺️. Love you guys your new subcriber . Love from Nepal❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

  8. Sunita Mishra says

    Omg yeh mera india


    Change your channel name as CHILLY BROTHERS 😎

  10. Vatan Singh says

    Hello viwa brothers aap loag Ka me Vatan singh bhoot bara fan hu aap loag se 1 request hai ki aap loag ne Jaise soft drink challenge Kiya tha vaise hi aap fruits taste challenge Kigiye😊😊🙏🙏

  11. Avaneesh Naik says

    U r great bro 👍👍👌👌

  12. THUNDER ARAF says


  13. THUNDER ARAF says


  14. AZ RUSHER says

    Best of luck who will give tomorrow your science exam me also

  15. Best Pro says

    Hello Vishwa I m watch your channel 1 year I am I like your channel because you will make very good video please you you keep it up your channel

  16. Miss. clasher says

    Your videos are not that much interesting now….. That it was earlier……..we want older vishwa and Akash😞😂😂

  17. Maney Ghosh says

    Jenga game is very nice

  18. Mita Nandi says

    Akash bhai aapki haath ki ring aappe jacch nahi rahi hai

  19. Sansat says

    ​SHOUTOUT PLEASE to my channel SANSAT

  20. Sansat says

    ​SHOUTOUT PLEASE to my channel SANSAT

  21. mayank and ujjawal show says

    10:58 tuuuuuuuu😋

  22. Technical SAHIL says


  23. haste raho says

    I like your punishment more than challenge

  24. nikhil vishwakarma says

    Kis kis ko dekh kar khane ka maan karta hai

  25. jitendra Kumar says

    Eating challenge karo

  26. Pradip Rajgor says



    Hi Aakash and Vishv bhai I like your video so much Hit like for Aakash and Vishv bhai

  28. Jitesh Sarvaiya says

    hiieting caleng kiji ye

  29. Chandresh Kacha says

    akashbhai thoda video gujarati ma banavo.

  30. Ak mi Mishra says

    App koi funny video banaeya,

  31. Dhruva KA says

    who love to eat spicy food hit like

  32. Vikas Sarda says

    Vishwa is cheating

  33. Sukhraj BATTH says

    Why are you not posted video according to the time ☹️

  34. Yashodhan Inamdar says

    Bhi eva ke sath bhi challeng karona

  35. Vinit Thapa says

    How many of u are pubg players

  36. Umesh Singh says

    you are best

  37. Archisman Dutta says

    lol sab ko jenga kya he pata he

  38. Akshat Gupta says

    Arrey waah kitna acchhaa app hai thank you viwa

  39. The high entertainer says

    18:50 vishwa bhai naughty haaaan

  40. babu john says

    Watch this video in 2x speed ….

  41. Mishing Dncr. says

    How many people get hungry when akash bhaiya and viswa bhaiya eat??? Hit that like botton👇👇👇👇👇 (small youtuber here)

  42. Lx Gaming says

    Your team is working on the same me to

  43. Dream League Soccer Center says

    Viswa you can't take the Jenga out from the first three rows

  44. Dream League Soccer Center says

    Flaming hot cheetos are not spicy

  45. Sainish Kumar says

    Yrr ek mobile 11 pro max hai 1 i phone x

  46. Nitesh Pagde says

    Bhai aur maje dar video dalo

  47. Nitesh Pagde says

    Bhai punishment jara hatke rako

  48. Technical Mind says

    do fast food challenge

  49. Ali Shair says

    Wowowi nice bro fans hit like here.👇

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