1. STeeLo205 ImDatRapper says

    Soulja better put money behind Carson,he is his like a Justin Bieber to SODMG,Carson has it man,,I'm telling ya..

  2. Ghost Skellington says


  3. T Jay says

    Yo. Ass kinda look like Eminem in this video nigga …Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. T Jay says

    That shit is tight.. Keep up the perfect work little. Brother.. I see you.. 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  5. Jarred 333 other channel says


  6. Natattack says


  7. Wendy Freytes says

    Litty 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤

  8. Mista Mead Official says


  9. Reese love says

    Sub reese love on you tube

  10. ASUN Productions says

    good shit

  11. Sarah Jones says

    both yall is bitches

  12. Elk Boy says

    I subbed bro gotta thank Souljarob for telling niggas come threw

  13. King Loot says

    I’m here Souljarob sent me

  14. OsamaBlunta Official says


  15. OsamaBlunta Official says


  16. Og Bobby says

    Dope not gon lie souljarobsodmg told me to subscribe

  17. Strap Gat says

    🔥🔥🔥souljarobsodmg said to subscribe

  18. The Kween Katt Family says

    We gonna link

  19. Danni Davis says


  20. Get Wolfified says


  21. Spooky 666 says


  22. Filion says

    that hook is chill

  23. Sammi Baker says

    This is fucking great carson!!❤❤

  24. Kelsee Hopkins says

    carson got his own thing, stop comparing him to other artists, he's his own person. period. Tracks are hella good bruh, keep it up

  25. Official R.O.F says

    SODMG 🔥🔥

  26. OsamaBlunta Official says


  27. Rackie Zoe says

    lit gang

  28. Пентатоника says

    I love youuuuu💞

  29. NYAK says

    slept on buy all zzzzzz

  30. Chato HD AKA Splash Zeus says

    Do or die

  31. Josue316 says

    hermano me estas acusando de copyringt por usar esta intrumental porfa me lo quitarias

  32. quiet 4life says


  33. Chain Gangfire says

    SouljarobSODMG told me to Subscribe

  34. Seraphine Ph says

    Whuzzup men ok I like ur Music 🎵 😊😊Rap boy 😉

  35. PlayBoi Jay says

    Keep the work up bro you grinding #2017 & 2018

  36. youngsoulfly says

    Checkout youngsoulproactive on IG this go💯

  37. Paul Washington says

    My bad bro. Keep winnin. Again… u have a bright future ahead of u #GANGLAND #SODMG #thefuture 💯😎🛫💪

  38. Luigh Mello says

    King soulja …

  39. T1C3 SODMG says

    Yo this shit rides #SODMG #SODMGGAMERS

  40. Chato HD AKA Splash Zeus says


  41. Dublyfe Music Group says


  42. Damian Glosser says


  43. Rose Pink Bouquet says


  44. bando markale says

    Can You Talk To soulja Fa me Bruh Tell em hit me up N Fuck With my Music soundcloud at Bandomarkale

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