"Songs of Travelers" — Behind the Scenes of the Music of Liyue | Genshin Impact


The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and special guest Chinese traditional musicians come together at the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall to record the soundtrack for the Liyue region in Genshin Impact, full of the uniquely enchanting sounds of the East.
Genshin Impact music for Liyue is composed by Yu-Peng Chen of the HOYO-Mix Team. Let’s go behind the scenes to learn about the creative concept and recording process for the music of the Liuyue region.

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  1. ForceKG says

    I really love this game. Liyue is easily one of my favorite areas I’ve ever had the pleasure to explore in a video game. The music is everything to me, and I love thinking back to all my first impressions of exploring. Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard on the music and sound of Liyue. You did it perfectly for my eyes and ears. 👏❤️

  2. ts777 qi says


  3. Bryan Amds says

    It's amazing how they used an entire orchestra filled with real people playing real instruments and not computer-made for the songs, props for that

  4. Yoel Kristian says

    Spending lot of time at adeptus floating place while listening to this beautiful piece of art

  5. taylor tian says


  6. I Watch Everything says

    now waiting for Inazuma soundtrack uwu

  7. Internet Cancer says

    Remember that we paid nothing for this game and this came with all the other awesome things in the game

  8. Internet Cancer says

    Im so hyped for the other region's ost particularly inazuma and snetznaya

  9. UnderGround King says

    How is it that ke-Ching is a 5 star character and Ningguang is 5 star and she is the head of the qixing and clearly more than a formidable opponent. In stature and prowess she is just as great. I'm upset and confused.

  10. Yi Zhe Tan says

    im proud to be a chinese

  11. Izak Flash says

    not gonna lie, I might have shed the tiniest tear while watching this

  12. jojobii :3 says

    Liyue's OST is such an engaging interpretation of Chinese music. If they can blend those regional instruments into an orchestral setting, it makes me imagine how instruments from other regions would be blended in a similar manner…

    I wonder if we'll get some jazzy influence down the line 🤔

  13. MelikhovProduction says

    The music in this game is absolutely incredible, what amazing talent!

  14. Seyshin says

    The music is just too beautiful

  15. Aether Kun says

    LiuYe city is the most beautiful city in genshin impact very similar to the cities in China in the real world
    Apart from liking LiuYe city architecture, I also really like the traditional Chinese music that accompanies LiuYe city

  16. Yuuto Akiha says


  17. LonelyWind '-' says

    Mihoyo traz genshin pro Xbox one

  18. allyana zaluaga says

    Genshin Impact's soundtrack is so immersive! When I hear Childe's boss music, I feel goosebumps!

  19. JYKKAIY says

    everything is amazing about this game until the grind hit

  20. Definz 120 says

    This is why i download Genshin impact!

  21. Chiang Jing Kang says

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  22. Kien Đao says

    Mong nhà phát hành cho tai game trên samsung j7prime máy tôi thừa dung lượng nhưnh ko đủ yêu cầu

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