Soccer Moves – Inside Outside Juke

This is a video to help soccers players learn a good move in soccer to get a defender off balance. Passing around defenders is much more efficient and easier, but if there are one on one situations, it is important to go with speed at a defender and use your momentum with the move.

  1. TimeP P says

    this helps, nice

  2. Jack Rita says

    Thx sweet

  3. S.C.O.P.E Axle says

    u suck

  4. Jorge S says

    I have a dream of becoming pro I'm 14 in but even in club what advice can you give me anyone

  5. Juanita Madden says

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  7. Papa Fransisco says


  8. The Ferocious Striker says

    sweet thanks

  9. Rene Licea says

    You seem like a very smart player, you should definitely make more videos

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