Soccer Dribbling Drills For Kids


In this video I show you some soccer dribbling drills for kids! Although these dribbling drills are for kids, they can also be done by other footballers as well! Enter to win a FREE soccer product:

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About this video: In this video we go over football dribbling drills for kids! These dribbling drills are perfect to develop much needed fundamentals for all players!

Although this video is mainly for kids, all players can brush up on these areas as you can never be too good at the fundamentals!

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  1. SimplySoccer says

    In this video we are going over some soccer dribbling drills for kids! Although these are for kids, any player can benefit from doing these!

  2. parthiv kumar says

    I know it's 2020 but this drill is one of my fav dril 1:42I always record myself practicing and everyday before practicing I watch my videos that makes me feel motivated

  3. Tamara Herrera says

    I notice lots of people keep on talking about Episoketren System. But I'm uncertain if it is good. Have you ever tried using this popular training course?

  4. Femi Afuwape says

    Pls I can’t do it with my right it hurts

  5. Nathlie ENERIKO says

    Is anyone watching this for school like if u are

  6. Nathlie ENERIKO says

    Great channel

  7. Emilie Mata says

    Does Episoketren System (search on google) help me improve my soccer skills? I notice many people keep on speaking about this popular training course.

  8. Lightning Breaker AKA Ur Mom says

    im watching this for my school cause apparently we are doing some stuff

  9. Vinit Kumar says

    Very fun!!

  10. HOW TO X says

    Amazing video bro 👌❤️🇩🇰

  11. Kristin W. says

    Great tutorial video – thx for sharing this amazing soccer-drills!

  12. Rafael Macalintal says

    hate it

  13. Feras Aboudraz says

    Thank you the video

  14. Feras Aboudraz says


  15. Санжар Маратов says

    This video is a shit

  16. umaima Hadi says

    Thank you very helpful Love form pakistan ❤Im just 7 year old

  17. Санжар Маратов says


  18. CyClues says

    I'm having trouble controlling the ball. And the foot placement when I dribble. The ball tends to go out of control a lot. And not straight. Also the ball tends to hit my foot that is not dribbling.

  19. The Nelson Family TV says

    I like the new moves

  20. Sibiyelwe Dlamini says

    This helped a lot

  21. Vong Wanin says

    does anyone know what is his name?

  22. Gålåxypriñçëss :3 says

    I have no control of the ball 😂😂

  23. Muhammad Muhammad says

    Thanks 🙏

  24. Jason Wabo says

    Can u make a video on how to dribble like messi

  25. Ishmam Adnan says

    How to dribble like MessiPLEASE!!!

  26. ARVIND KUMAR says

    You were dribbling like POGBA!!!

  27. Kieran Bogunovic says

    I’m 13 and I have quit football for a year and now I play again and I still haven’t been picked up by an academy and most scouts pick players that are very young is it too late for me to become a pro footballer

  28. theshado says

    Does the size of the ball or the material have an impact when doing these drills?

  29. Ashton Boswell says

    319 like and 39 comment and so useful

  30. Soccer Priests says

    your videos inspires me a lot ! Looking forward for more fundamental series.

  31. Ishmam Adnan says

    Greatest Soccer channel

  32. Ayush Bisht says

    Your videos are really very helpful

  33. Odedra Sameer says

    What is the length between the cones we need to keep for the practice

  34. Asima Mobeen says


  35. Arman Bohara says

    0 dislikes🔥..This was the exact video I needed… I'm 13 and I have a dream for PRO❤

  36. Faggios says


  37. SAHAL SHAIKH says

    Really helpful, I've started teaching my cousin to play (he is still 6) and this video makes it a lot easier tnx m8

  38. syed talha says

    please tell me what soccer cleats do you wear they look awesome

  39. Neeshad Pasha says

    Can u make a video on shooting drills

  40. football lover says

    Daily should i do

  41. Rahul Panghal says

    After watching the videos I have changed my style of play…Earlier I used to do a lot of skills and dribbling in the training match but was quite slow.. Now I am comparatively very fast and not able to much of my skills… What should I follow???

  42. Scotty Nguyen says

    great video thx you

  43. Jayddin Hawk says

    Always good to remind our self's of the fundamentals, where it all start. thanks for sharing…

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