1. Mark Duggan says

    Let’s all give money to bill gates so he can kill more kids with his vaccines. Smart move.

  2. vim fuego says

    They're so desparate that they've given a position to a hugely fat youtuber.What a joke!

  3. Ben 656 says

    Why does England have big Sam

  4. Ur Clapt says

    Just make a women's soccar aid game

  5. Not Thom Huntley says

    Who likes Jeremy lynch should of got joe sugg instead

  6. Sufty343 says

    Has olly still got his prawn cocktail pringles

  7. Canal 07Gameplay says


  8. Football days says

    Fudge this for calling this soccer

  9. Jordan Hunt says

    Just a rip off of Sport Aid #20thCenturyWillAlwaysIn #20thCenturyIsVeteranised

  10. charles Meekins says

    sorry but Olly Murs must be the worst player in soccer aid history

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