Skyrim – Music & Ambience – Day [10 Hours]


[Low-effort Edition]

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  1. Everness says

    Hey! If you like this video and want to see more like it, please consider supporting the channel on Patreon. The editing process takes surprisingly huge amount of time, so your gold coins will be greatly appreciated! Thank you ?

  2. Meloik says

    Divine music!!!

  3. Romane Paul says

    those were simpler times

  4. filegurl says

    WOW This is the greatest thing I've seen in a VERY long time!! So well done!! I didn't know I needed this so badly!! THANK YOU for taking the time to put this all together and share it with us!!! You're work does not go unappreciated!!

  5. Logan Minich says

    This is cocaine for my ears and I can't get enough.

  6. Música Cerebro says

    Loved it! ?

  7. tehnatureboy says

    5:18:00 is Skyrim

  8. BRYAN says

    this makes me feel optimistic and hopeful of the state of it all.. in real life mid-covid and me as a high elf in Skyrim ..thank you for this

  9. Doktor Ryeen says

    Listen to this while exploring your local park and you'll immediately start sprinting and jumping over everything and wanting to check your map

  10. Unseen Apex says

    150 thumbs down? Whomever done so is not human, shame to you all wretches!..

  11. ᛚᛁᚨᛗ ᛏᛟᚱᛋᛟᚾ says

    Reminds me of the world before Christianity invaded.

  12. Daniel Flanagan says

    I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow in the knee

  13. crym77 says

    This music…. god bless Jeremy Soule.

  14. Pablo Esbry says

    This is an incredibe video, thanks a lot

  15. Juan Miguel Soco says

    Since my first year of medical school, this has been my playlist when studying late at night until 4am – 5am. And now that I have graduated, I just wanted to say thank you for creating awesome content like this!

  16. MsNicox3 says

    I hear this while questing in world of warcraft 🙂

  17. GPN Host GodzillaGamer02 says

    2:53:36 is one of my favorite bits from this gorgeous soundtrack

  18. Cudi Edgar says

    there wouldnt be skyrim without Jeremy Soule

  19. Hermes 333 says


  20. Muhammad Rizqi Ardiansyah says

    Thanks for making my study sessions better!

  21. Muninn says

    Watch the skies traveler.

  22. Connor S says

    I've never played this game and have no intention to play it but I vibe with this music.

  23. Patrick Nilsson says

    I started this to have some smooth music at the office. I am thinking about how many times I have completed this game. And that the day can't go fast enough so I can get home and play it once more, family be damned!

  24. Zeratune Vosmotum says

    Finally i'm awake

  25. Té verde con limón ? says

    Play list 'till 1 hour?:00:00: Far horizons.5:32: Dawn. 9:31: Distant horizons. 13:28: Under an ancient sun. 17:03: From past to present. 22:09: Frostfall. 25:35: Journey's end. 29:44: The white river. 33:13: The Jerall Mountains. 36:35: Distant horizons. 40:29: Journey's end. 44:35: Wind guides you. 53:35: Unbroken road. 01:00:01: Far horizons. 1:05:32: Dawn. ???

  26. shan sidhu says

    This makes me cry

  27. Sickly Aura says

    Just got into listening to this stuff two or three days ago and I love it so much. I sleep with this stuff in the background

  28. HoldMyTimmies says

    "I find your hand in my pocket, I'm going to cut it off."

  29. Александр Тюпяков says

    I'm finally awake

  30. Blue Tube says

    Took me a week, but I actually listened to all 10 hours, start to finish.

  31. Rizki Adi Saputra says

    hi you finally awake

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