SkyBlock Null Story How To Villager with Covid 19 Part 4 [Blockman go]


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  1. miles gerald says

    Pls make a end

  2. I am not shazia bg says

    😭😭😭😭realy sad

  3. Robella Panares says

    Wow cool u are good video

  4. Sebastian Ezekiel De Jesus says

    Hi cheif my name to blockmango mattsu_3

  5. Fatima Khizra Pasang says

    Nice video I want to see part 5

  6. Ampy Aves says

    I thing is only joke

  7. Ampy Aves says

    This game don have covid 19

  8. SYIFA Know says

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  12. notnever PROSODATH says

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  13. impostor: blockman go says

    Covid-19 !!!!!

  14. Anjel Rai says

    Wow so cool and good video

  15. heroAiman 712 says

    Village part 5 6 7 8 9 10?

  16. Ggg Ggg says


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  18. Maryuni Maulana says

    Cant I join in part 5 please I forgot my ID send your ID please 😞😞

  19. Anang gamming says

    Stay at home 😀👍

  20. Anthony Coronado says

    Save ppl on corona

  21. block_man_hack bg says

    Bro my friend in video his name mattsunhacker111 lol

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  23. Yaman Sena says

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  24. Sujo Varghese says

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  25. ••••.•••• says

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  28. Claire Hipolito says

    Hi chief

  29. Dogs and Cats Have fun! says

    Hi! Love ur vids and nice vid as usal most fav you tuber for me

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  31. AA2YT Chokas says

    It so sad your friend dead 😭 it virus city and you need take care and safe right now you need make mask outside what part 5?

  32. PicaPau Drunk says

    Part 5 pls

  33. PicaPau Drunk says

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  34. Loch BG says

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  38. M Kuwait says

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  39. Revellyn Arnetta says

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  40. Deih pire says

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  41. Handsome BG says

    PART 5 PLS

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