Size Doesn't Matter – Insane Skills!


This incredible guy is called Bas van Velzen has turned to football through YouTube as a way of expressing himself after so many clubs wouldn’t give him a chance for being too overweight. He is from the Netherlands & has spent years mastering his technique & skills! He is truly an inspiration to all aspiring footballers who may not look like a conventional footballer. He has overcome stereotypes, negativity, obstacles & bullying, spending hours & hours by himself practicing & developing his insane technique! He is truly an inpiration to all. He specializes in knuckleball freekicks, generates incredible power & his technique rivals Cristiano Ronaldo’s. Please show your support by liking & sharing this clip & following Bas as he follows his passion of simply playing football!

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  1. sport P&M football says

    Yes it doesnt matter but in a game he can run that much

  2. Solosophice says

    Who’s watching this is 2020⁉️


  3. Solosophice says

    Who’s watching this is 2020⁉️


  4. Solosophice says

    Who’s watching this is 2020⁉️


  5. Dead Knight says

    Yup it dosent matter

  6. Ivan Muzinic says

    Bad goalkeepers

  7. Hafiz Akari says

    Sorry but size does matter.

  8. DVS Clan says

    He is the new GOAT at freekicks

  9. Yender Morales says

    Cómo tira la chancha

  10. ただのタマネギ says


  11. PLAYER Z says

    0:50 deja de hacerte gordo forro 😒😒😒

  12. Gwilym Williams says

    OK, I have to be honest, the keeper did look like he'd let himself go

  13. Trey Telleen says

    Wow this guy has some serious free kick tekkers!

  14. Shreeshan Panda says

    God those knuckle ball goals are crazy. See the trajectory

  15. jude wilson says

    casually starts defying gravity

  16. Luka TV says

    I agree but can he do that at real football game not futsal

  17. _32va says

    Get ur ass of that ball fat ass

  18. mahi Khan says

    See the ball is overpowered because in overpowered footballs video i see

  19. alex arizola says

    whos watching in 2020

  20. Thijn_vp says


  21. Furshan Ruhbani says

    Itukan pake cit yang an kebelakang tang ankanannya pasti kalo nendang pasti kebelakang

  22. Aryal Gaming says

    Amazing shots brother

  23. 댓글로구독자200명찍기공백 says


  24. ʝɧơɛٳ ı۷ąŋ řơզųɛ ą. says

    Los gordos no sirven futbol yo los dejo kaka 😉

  25. Juan Mejia says

    Tell him to start running lol see if size don’t matter😭

  26. Kaung Htoo says


  27. Philminator75 YT says

    Bassie !!!! 😂

  28. Tshehla Makoala says

    Who's watching this in 2020??

  29. David Palomo says


  30. Seaweed. says

    Size does matter if you wanna get past thirty five…

  31. Hiếu Nguyễn says

    But it is not a healthy way to live

  32. james murray says

    I found young Ethan

  33. Julian Marquez says

    his golly is just trash

  34. Messi Magic says

    Me and my bros making teams
    Me: Take the fat guy, lol
    The fat guy:

  35. Amin Israfilzade says

    Unfortunately it matters

  36. Mohamed Amin says

    pace 96 just kidding it's 34

  37. Pradeep P Nair says

    You are really insane bro

  38. Ryan Stoeklen says

    I don’t listen you’re really good

  39. TNG Rapscall says

    When He shoot,s look at HIS right arm

  40. Barry Khoo says

    My God!.. shots are amazing!

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