1. perroblanco49 says

    the girl at 3:03 OMG with that six pack she's my # one.

  2. mark cornish says

    Speechless at 5:12!!

  3. Aion Aion says

    OMG shredded girl 3:00 name pls

  4. Patricia Grady says

    Those sistas always add FLAVOR, can't no one walk like them on the RUNWAY. I am so proud to be an African American woman. Thank you God! The curves, the walk, the smoothness, the elegance and their CONFIDENCE. 😃😃😃😃As my dad always say " DO IT BROWN SUGAR!

  5. Robert Moore says

    Very nice fashion show.

  6. Craig Roseburgh says

    Really enjoyed your designs Sisa.

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