Simon Says Mini Hoop Basketball 🏀 – Challenge!


Today The 2HYPE House plays Simon Says on the mini basketball hoop!



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  1. Jesser says

    Hey guys if you did enjoy this video make sure to check out the original Simon says basketball I did!

  2. Tristan Angelo Payumo says

    When james said 2v2 first to 3 when mitchell and zack were down 2-1 zack went super domination mode

  3. the noob says

    James almost destroyed the rim

  4. Jeremy Mack says

    You need to start doing the dribble knockout inside a circle and if yo ball gets hit out your out. It would be really fun for you and us to watch

  5. Nicholas Sevier says

    I hope Jesse and 2hype alright wild these wildfires

  6. Bunonion says

    8:05 wut????

  7. TN JayExtra _ says

    zack bodyed the shit out off jesser and mopi

  8. Nicolas Guet-Cruza says


  9. Yaboigiraffe 33 says

    I lost my shit when did the freeze frame

  10. Jason Francois says

    I Swear On My Life I Will Subscribe To This Channel (Well U Said It🤦🏾‍♂️)

  11. Hamza Mohamed says

    prank mopi

  12. Cameron Marble says

    Mopi should say make me tall

  13. GG says

    Moochie is in full supreme

  14. Jorju Sato says

    Jesser try the Travis Scott meal

  15. Eli Walton says

    stop making the same content

  16. SwedishxDuckling says

    At 6:50 James makes a point and Jesse gets itAt 6:56 Jesse makes a point and James gets itAt 7:10 James makes a point and Jesse gets it

  17. Brian Culmer says

    Is emon still your gf

  18. Willis Patterson says

    Who just scrolls down in the comment section and likes everyone

  19. hector acosta says

    There’s a new game that came out for PC called “among us” you and the boys should play it, that would be dope content

  20. MegaClutchBot says

    “Our Legs Collided” 1:18

  21. thaz coo says

    got a new acc so i subed😎

  22. ᴄʜᴀsɪᴇ007 says

    last person to miss a granny is out?

  23. Gonzalez Charlie says


  24. Kalib Spence says

    Jesse and James don’t know the left from the right that’s tuff😂😂

  25. Jefferson Hoff says

    at 7:10 they swapped the score

  26. AshTTV says

    WHOS SIMONE😕 3:46

  27. Shane Hayes says

    How he say Simon says use your right hand for layups an the BROTHERS both used their left hand😂😂

  28. Charles Lee says

    Can I join 2hype and get some DiGiorno

  29. Logan Jalo says

    Do hot ones with other people do kris and zack and mopi

  30. Mr Gamer says

    5:53 tyler is a dummy

  31. Frank the Tank says

    food review ————————————————>

  32. Dennis Sucks says

    Godly edit😂 5:51

  33. YT youngferarri says

    You and kris were on hello newmans

  34. Vivien Chen says


  35. Durag Rjay says

    James always wanna cheat

  36. Mikeyyy Pedone says

    I miss jesserthelazer



  38. RENIEL C. MAGANA says

    at 1:38 mopi made my day XD

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