Sideline S*** Talkers Get EXPOSED! 5v5 Men's League Basketball!


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These guys on the sideline kept talking S*** the whole game!

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  1. Tristan Jass says

    This video was crazy…. Make sure you guys leave a like if you’re ready for December when we post a YouTube video EVERYDAY!!! ❤️🙏

  2. Onpoint_xCamz says

    They look for any way to get attention

  3. Ju Bandz says

    Sound like u at a gym on o block or sum😂😂

  4. Andrew Bender says

    This is the beset I've seen you guys play all around hands down!

  5. Miguel Green says

    Serge improved a lot from before he’s getting rebounds and blocks now very nice

  6. Merqxs says

    Tristian is literally a play shot on 2k

  7. Thierno Sow says

    TJass looking different

  8. shayne mckimber says

    Imagine what he could do if he ate real food…

  9. Dawit K says

    #26 couldn’t hit a shot if his life depended on till last minute

  10. Christian Cunningham says

    we should all know 26 from that trash talk open gym game

  11. isaiah thomas says

    one thing this guy has from other youtubers he show when he fucks up to show u everyone makes mistakes but u gotta come back harder

  12. JxCru says

    i love these videos but damn these titles are clickbaity af

  13. Lane Gilliam says

    Is it weird that I want to eat Tristan's hair

  14. KOP KEL says

    Wtf did he get a beard

  15. Eric Herron says

    Good passes, good shots, good ball movement,…but how you going to forget your shoes my guy? Skip the pregame mael next time. 😂🤣

  16. Eric Herron says

    Good passes, good shots, good ball movement,…but how you going to forget your shoes my guy? Skip the pregame mael next time. 😂🤣

  17. Kylan May says

    Is it just me or did anyone know if t jazz for sit g league he will be going to the nba

  18. Basketball says

    #32 looks like mickey mouse

  19. Brandon Laskie says

    Hey t jass, I can't imagine what you are going through when you lost your aunt, my grandpa gave me a hug when he was in the hospital and he said goodbye grandson, thanks for being an inspiration

  20. Syn _mastic says

    Please get a go t tjass it would be a good look for you

  21. A Ceno says

    U played against a bunch of James hardens

  22. Santa Claws says

    Another poor performance from Logan—why isn't that guy on the bench?

  23. Santa Claws says

    TJass looking like the guy from the cave man commercials. LMFAO! NeanderJass.

  24. Abx Dunker says

    U look different

  25. Alejandro Sanchez says

    If you’re in the OC or LA lmk where there’s busy open courts!! I’m trying to put in some work!!!! these missing hoops hurting my soul!!!!

  26. Jaden Davis says

    Can we spam #beardjass in the chat

  27. Carlos Hernández Martinez says

    white chocolate

  28. Ramon Taylor says

    what in the Chicago Illinois

  29. james fevelo says

    I really hope this guy can play for college or g league one day🙏

  30. Lanz Paqueo says

    Those trash talkin kids hahahahahahaahahahahaha are wack

  31. Lanz Paqueo says

    T jass team vs 2 hypex100thieves in a 5 -5 basketball game please hehe

  32. Lanz Paqueo says

    T jass vs Aj Lapray

  33. Lanz Paqueo says

    T jass vs Friga pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. Lanz Paqueo says

    How tall is tjass in person? I'm estimating he is 5'10-5'11 maybe?

  35. Lanz Paqueo says

    Always killing it brother tristan hehe. Keep safe always to you and hannah and to all……….

  36. Ramon Jose Garcia says

    Nice game!I also noticed Sergio is more aggressive this time. This is definitely a better version of him.

  37. Headless Jackass says

    Nigga jou gotz kooked.

  38. Nelson Miles says

    Beard is an L

  39. Rimister FN says

    Dis league is lit

  40. Football The king says

    Walking around like 🤷🏿‍♂️ after every whistle not gone change it

  41. Christian Calizon says

    My man T Jass is a walking bucket. 👶🐐

  42. Godly Ace says

    Likin the beard

  43. LIT GANG 2x says

    Fear The Beard 🧔 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Charlie Condemi says

    what shoes does number 5 have?

  45. eしoNe says

    They can't finish

  46. ToureSlimo says

    Damn you Brought tears to my eyes just seeing how caring you are by sliding that $100 and how humble that guy was even adds to it, keep it up T, just remember that the small things go a long way🙏🏽

  47. wilIis says

    BIG UPS to Sergio! He was playing with some heat and using his size in this game. I usually rag on him but he impressed me in this game.

  48. Arexzy says

    No shave November ????

  49. Arexzy says

    What’s with the beard and mustache

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