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Learn how to make a Sicilian Christmas Pizza (Sfincione)! This highly unusual, but incredibly delicious pizza features a crispy, cheesy breadcrumb topping, and as good as it is hot, it’s even more amazing once cool, which is just one reason this is perfect for serving at parties. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I really hope you enjoy this Sicilian Christmas Pizza (Sfincione)!

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  1. Food Wishes says
  2. Jeniphir Taylor-McIntire says

    Well now I know what I'm making for Xmess Eve dinner this year.

  3. Geoff Geoff says

    Can you leave the fish out?

  4. najatte hawkins says


  5. Peter deWolf says

    I don't like to dilute the sauce by rinsing its container out with water; I think it wrecks the sauce, since, when its put over spaghetti, the added water separates, leaving a puddle of water…yuck…

  6. michael Baughman says

    I'll take a corner piece Please.😷✌️

  7. INTUIT says

    You are, after all, the lovely Mona Lisa of your luscious Christmas pizza!

  8. Rita Brunetti says

    I'm married to an Italian. For now 44 1/2 years. We'd love to make this. Thanks for the recipe!!

  9. Yomom12388 says

    Honestly, you wanna make some good food? Just buy some MSG and add a bit in to your spices you’re using for whatever savory dishes you’re making. All the sudden you will be making some of the best food your family and friends have ever tasted.

  10. michael says

    I was wondering what sfincione was. I knew it was some kind of sicilian focaccia pizza, but not exactly what toppings. 👍🏻I will absolutely be making this. Thank you!

  11. Ali Smith says

    Lol like the way you try to avoid saying the dreaded word 'anchovies'…But I will NEVER eat this pizza!

  12. Luke Palmer says

    I enjoy your content, but your way of speaking is a rollercoaster of annoying

  13. Boring Bastard says

    volume too low

  14. Bella Vita says

    Yum! Can you cook the crust about 10 minutes first? And can you replace the white flour with almond flour or brown rice flour or oat flour?

  15. Ric Middletown says

    yeah always great not to tell someone whats in a pizza before they take a bite and their allergy kicks in.

  16. SirCrepitus says

    Im so curious about this recipe! I want to make it, but I am worried about the anchovies making it fishy tasting. I want the umami without tasting the anchovy.

    I had a really bad experience with some scratch-made cesar dressing I had at a restaurant….they put so much anchovies in it, all I tasted was fish.

  17. Tarts says

    Super as allways, many thanks !!!😊👍

  18. Lerrinus says

    "I'm gonna make him a pizza he can't refuse!" 😉 Fantastic work as always, Chef John!

  19. Johnny Rocker, like the drink says

    What I learned from Chef John, my AA sponsor (Anchovies Anonymous); 8 is too many and 10 is never enough.

  20. Clete Barrick says

    Umami bombi

  21. Monica Nonya says

    Not disclosing that it's got anchovies would be a really crappy thing to do as a host, JS!

  22. Paul Wagner says

    I would do a bit of cheese Detroit style and make sure that outer crust gets cheesed so I get all that caramelized goodness and frying chese fat in the crust. Yum.

  23. mwhiteschock says


  24. Bryan Knope says

    I will not be making this but would pay an absurd amount for one.

  25. Vanilla Gorilla says

    See here is the thing about Americans and extra cheese: with a crappy pizza dough and crappy sauce, you need to overcome it with something, which is generally tons of cheese. IF Americans were more exposed to amazing sauce and crust, they would understand why it tastes best balanced.

  26. Scott Reacher says

    "Soften and Sweeten" was my nickname in High School.

  27. Johanne Beerbaum says

    This is the bomb! The sauce alone on any pasta is also addictive!

  28. AirCanMaster says

    if the dough sticks to your fingers a bit after it doubles?

  29. Jim Harris says

    Thanks Chef!

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