Should LaMelo Ball QUIT BASKETBALL And Do This!? 2020 NBA Draft Preview With Jordan McCabe 😱


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Alright so it was finally time to talk about the NBA DRAFT. We gotta talk Anthony Edwards who a lotta people are saying is gonna go #1, but… WE ALSO GOTTA TALK LAMELO.

Jordan and Tom both agree that the Wolves should take Melo since he’s the best passer in the class and probably the best player. That trio of Melo, D Lo and KAT would be SCARY. We’re not even being biased!

Then Tom took it too far. He asked if LaMelo should QUIT BASKETBALL!! The guy who is gonna be a top pick and has loved basketball his whole life is now supposed to QUIT!? Tom thinks he could have less stress and maybe make more money off the court. Is that even a fair question?

Y’all should peep the FULL PODCAST because these two actually talk about some great things. They had to talk about Michael Porter and how he went from literally being the best HS player in years to now shocking people in the playoffs.

We also got the squad talking about Zion’s new shoe and what it will be like. Big Z about to make Jordan Brand REAL PROUD.

Had to get after it on some football picks too and then yeah the rest was basically just Tom tryna figure out TikTok stuff and Jordan tryna save the world. Normal stuff

Make sure you peep that full pod!!

All love from OT

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  1. Overtime says

    Who would you take with the #1 PICK!?

  2. TheEzwider88 says

    Playing basketball is what makes him influential and relevant though. Why would he give up the chance to become MORE influential, popular and relevant? Makes no sense. That’s like cashing out on stock right before it’s doubles up.. 📈


    What now jewmans?

  4. Only Jovid says

    James wiseman put him on power forward in the timberwolves 🔥🔥🔥

  5. maestro pups says

    Bruh u tweaking

  6. Michael Brown says

    When we gettin a baseball series ?Baseball players get litty too



  8. Abel Solis says

    Are y’all stupid he’s going to the NBA

  9. Alex13 Medr says

    Minisota should get lonzo ball cause dlo is a shooter and lonzo is a passet

  10. ApxPredator88 says

    LaMelo trash, if Wolves draft him 1st than I'm supporting another team, like I'm Australian and he had a negative effect on the team he was playing with, he is a ball hog

  11. vijay singh says

    If melo quits what he going to do

  12. Joey Suen says

    Lamelo plays basketball to play basketball. If he's worried about money, then he doesn't need to do anything, his family's rich anyway. Plus, you don't get this good at basketball if you play for money (unless you need it to survive, which melo doesn't) and not for the sport itself

  13. Kingmaxmillian says

    To whoever reads this, you all are special and I hope you all become successful. With that being said, help my youtube page reach 1k!!!

  14. Lux Awoken says

    Melo just go to Nba Melo

  15. FloridaMadeJR says

  16. Jarebearrr says

    This video was literally pointless, imma need y’all to run me my 6 minutes back overtime deadass

  17. NYC BADone says

    I dont know why people expect so much out of rookies. Like did yall forget that mj wasnt really all that his rookie year and ended up being the best player of all time. Alot of the best players werent all that their rookie year and no one expected much from them. Its just this new generation that expects to have everything right now which is making shit so bad and honestly it sucks. Cuz i like to see players develope.

  18. imsleep 23 says

    Anthony edwards is a DeMar Derozan with a jumper

  19. Russ B says

    Boy is a clown

  20. Jarebearrr says

    Lmaaoooo surprise!! A new overtime video about Lamelo! This is kinda OD at this point lmao I’m deadass starting to expect every video y’all post now to have something to do with him Lmfao

  21. Ninja Channel says

    His earning potential is based purely on the fact he plays basketball.

  22. E Nelaj says

    His father would kick him out

  23. Karinathegoat 23 says

    @jeffbui I spotted you

  24. Manuel Mireles says

    overtime tom is actually losing braincells for sayin melo should quit

  25. 11thWoods says

    I was just as frustrated as Jordan.. This social media shit is poisoning minds!!

  26. Zach King says

    Why can’t he do both?

  27. Ceasar R33L says

    Bruh OT should fire this guy for saying Melo should be a Influencer 😂

  28. LTZonda 10 says

    Hell nah

  29. Malcolm X says

    So this kid worked his whole life to go to the NBA just to quit to become an influencer… this dude needs to sit in his garage with his car running while drinking a glass of bleach water… foh

  30. victoria sojkova says

    I hope that melo makes it number one

  31. Sahaj Jasani says

    No he got a lot of clout from basketball. If he quits he wont gain so much. Then he wouldnt make money

  32. Sahaj Jasani says

    No he got a lot of clout from basketball. If he quits he wont gain so much. Then he wouldnt make money

  33. Kim Joshue Maranga says

    If Lamelo quit basketball, he like given up his whole life for that, fq off u analyst wanna be type of sht

  34. Yung Don says

    Shit, with that puma deal, he don’t even have to ball out

  35. icewater3001 says

    You’re asking a true hooper like Jordan about giving up hooping.

  36. Rohit Sanivarapu says

    These people just ride lamelo 😂

  37. NigerianBaller says

    The only way Lamelo is gonna quit basketball is if he physically can't play anymore. There is no way a lottery pick is gonna quit basketball. Even if I was being recruited to a D3 school at 28 years old I wouldn't quit basketball.

  38. Hawk Eyes says

    You know he can make 150-250 million if He is really good in basketball and endorsements will pay him 1-5 Million Dollars. If He is Great.

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