1. globolax premier says

    wow,all the ambiance of our old kung fu movies is here!!!!!!!!GOOOOOOLLLLLD

  2. Tiger Spills The Wine says

    is it because I suck or is thing game REEEAALLY hard? I cant get passed jet li on arcade

  3. maka bebe says

    I wonder what are the developers' reference for the moves. Instructors? Or maybe just Youtube and movies? This game is like a dream. Another kung fu game Lord of Fist (Shao Lin) is very terrible.

  4. Irado WorldGames says


  5. jamarr 27 says

    Is there a way to make the controls less stiff

  6. Joker Honk Honk says

    Jae Lee, do you will put RED RONIN too? plz!!!!!!! :-DDDD Red Ronin is the best

  7. bigal1100 says

    Definitely want to play this on Xbox one

  8. Ikamaru Ikuane says

    where is yip man ??i came to this video to see him

  9. Jreed280 says

    Will this be on consoles anytime soon??? PS4 to be specific lol. Please say yes!! I don't have a pc 🙁

  10. Brenda Williams says

    I just found out about this game and it's simply AMAZING!!!😍 I'm hope that you will keep adding fighters!!! Thank you for this beautiful game!

  11. C K says

    Wow,, that's really cool. I would definitely buy such a game.

  12. Mzamo Ntantiso says

    It would be nice in the future to consider Yim Wing Chun (Michel Yeoh) and The Five Deadly Venoms (All Five with their Masks), this game is sitting on top of million copies ready to be distributed. Marketing and Distribution deal guarantees worldwide craze since Mortal Kombart and the concept is far better than MK! Something to consider in the future this game is just too crazy to be exclusive to Steam! Too Crazy!

  13. Joker Honk Honk says

    Wonderful! you are the best

  14. TheSteadyGrounds says

    Maaaaaaaadness Hands over my Head

  15. Sonny Forelli says

    I love the musics.Could you release the OST???????

  16. Fortune Ochiga says

    Pls is the graphic too demanding? And can I manage it on minimum settings on a 4g ram low end pc.

  17. SirDushon says

    this looks dope!

  18. Jaime The One says

    This is a great concept, it just need more dramatism, close ups and dialogues like in the kung-fu movies!

  19. adamaze says

    just got the game today..u got to talk to justin or daniel about those frame rate issues …otherwise a good game

  20. DOPER MEANS says

    you don't know how long ive waited for something like this,

  21. Stephen Strange says


  22. Adib Afiq says

    look awesome!

  23. Ahmed Ibrahim says

    WuTang clan aint nothing ta fuck with

  24. Siklista MTB says

    lol the voice at the intro XD

  25. ... says

    i like how this game looks like,add gore to this game,some fatalities and it will be crazy popular 🙂

  26. Hanferd says

    So many recognizable classic 70's Shaw and Golden harvest tribute movie character (well except Dragon, who is Bruce Lee and he is his own) both bad guys and good guys. Grew up watching this movies in grainy VHS when when my dad was watching it. But I noticed there is no Lam Ching Ying from Mr Vampire movies or Sammo Hung, both of them are important for the 80's kung fu movies from Hong Kong.

  27. The Wu-Cepticon says

    As a huge fan of the Shaw Brothers, Bruce Lee, and the Wu-Tang Clan… I gotta check this one out!

  28. nari zou says

    good moving charactor, good graphics effect like old movies I like it !

  29. D H says

    on guard..ill let you try my Wu tang style.

  30. CottonBuds says

    this could be really good if done well

  31. TerrorBite1 says

    please make it a 6 button fighting game.

  32. Jeffrey Anthony says

    please tell me this is legit

  33. vincent starnes says

    dude he got golden arms on their I'm definitely giving this a go

  34. GoodGameAll says

    vraiment génial !

  35. Chris Frost says

    Would love to see this expanded into Taoist monk too

  36. MegaIsmat says

    when the release?

  37. Some One says

    I will definatly buy it ! I voted and shared it on twitter 🙂

  38. MutteringUrchin says

    Great attention to minute details. This could be really special.

  39. RoseInVale says

    I adore the concept, but I'm not really one for 2D fighting games. Still, I LOVE the concept. Always wanted to pick characters with unique fighting styles.

  40. Nero D. Blanco says

    My god this game is a work of art

  41. milosz gierczak says

    where is the wutang music?

  42. latinobxl leon says

    This need a parry system (third strike) like in Jackie chans drunken master 2 style …..

  43. latinobxl leon says


  44. springer1995pkindigo says

    Is real ?

  45. Risenz Oficial says

    Hey! Your game it looks really awesome. Would you want to talk about a business proposal?

  46. Strider Spinel says

    i just bought Kings of Kung fu and is a pretty interesting and visually appealing game, and now this looks really cool!

  47. Christopher Washington says

    NICE! Can't wait to get my paws on it! @5venomz, we gotta get on this.

  48. 5venomz says

    LOVE IT!!!

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