1. fortnite replays says

    online spelled as onkine??

  2. fortnite replays says

    the original wasn't really turn base as its more like real time shooting. thats how it should be.. or semi turn based?

  3. fortnite replays says

    can you at least bring back the karma system that was use to level up characters traits or skills in game?? the game has a solid plot, gameplay and the part where u get to be a hacker to earn money or to disable security systems. dont turn it into a turn based rts please…… that version of shadowrun didnt do any justice to the original.. and please no loading screens similar to elder scrolls online

  4. pakos2835 says

    новая джага это хорошо

  5. Board Games by Proper Play says

    Looking forward for this game!

  6. ott5178 says

    Really digging this because it's reminicent of the Sega Genesis Shadowrun which is by far the best one. I like the Super Nes Shadowrun as well though.

  7. TheTVs says

    Thats definitely Lil Kim at the end!!

  8. FetalJuice88 says

    It looks beautiful. I love the 3/4 overhead view as it feels consistent with my all-time favorite game, Shadowrun (SNES). Good luck. 250k in seven days is some pretty serious fundraising. It looks too damn good to abandon if the campaign fails.

  9. Smoogle says

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much like Jagged Alliance…but thank god the single player shadowrun game was funded thats where it belongs but if they can separate it entirely from loooking like JAO with a different skin I am sure it will be funded more.

  10. QAOSbringer says

    great to hear that.

  11. Adam Gągalski says

    Jagged Alliance Online was fucking terrible cow milking piece of shit. How is this going to be any different? Do you want to make it another browser based gamigo bullshit?

  12. wkvalader says

    This game looks good! A release of a tactics game? Yes please!

  13. Steelbreeze420 says

    Looks awesome..so glad i donated to kickstarter!!! Can we start a recruiting effort to get more people pre-signed up for the game..maybe as 'fixers' we can earn some more bonus stuff for those who donated to kickstarter…

  14. Locrum says

    It is, for the most part a re-skinned JAO at present. But this is only an early prototype, because people needed to see something. The actual game may share some similarities, but be the core mechanics will be from Shadowrun 4th edition rules and they've indicated they're starting from scratch.

  15. kickstartshadowrun says

    read: download and play

  16. kickstartshadowrun says

    You basically buy an account and can download plöay on as many devices as you please.

  17. SegaCDUniverse says

    Out of curiosity, if I donate to the program via kickstarter and get a digital download of the game. Can I still play on another PC via a browser? Or will it then only work on the one digital download I have on my other machine?


  18. NeoNextLevel says

    It's looks like Jagged Alliance Online with new textures, levels and few changes

  19. firstnamelee says

    Seems interesting. Subscribed for now.

  20. SegaCDUniverse says

    I'm a huge fan of the setting and loved the genesis, snes, and even xbox titles. Sadly I don't play PC games much but do have a dual core 2.13 Since this is a browser based game will the title not be very spec heavy? Thanks for doing this, looks amazing.

  21. kickstartshadowrun says

    well we honestly do not know- a failure of the shadowrun online KS campaign will not encourage potential investors to jump in really, but we remain dedicated to making it happen

  22. kickstartshadowrun says

    you caught us- we used our jagged alliance online ingame sounds as placeholders 😉

  23. Martin Lyne says

    Pretty sure those are Jagged Alliance 2 sounds (grunts, some gunshots). Spent enough time listening to them. Could just be stock of course.

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